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Catalogue excerpts

Smoofhflouj Pump Hydraulic type Metered supply

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A transfer system exceeding the conventional concept of pumps, TACMINA TPL Series

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It has been common knowledge that satisfactory pulseless performance cannot be expected from diaphragmtype metering pumps which repeat the reciprocating in the high-tech field, where micron-unit precision is required. TACMINA has defied this common knowledge of the industry. TACMINA concentrated the technical power cultivated over half a century, gave functional priority, and eliminated precision errors to the limit. As a result, TACMINA has developed a diaphragm-type metering pump with an innovative design, excellent maintainability, and pulseless performance defying the conventional concept...

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“No high performance excels simplicity. Unprecedented pulseless characteristics have been provided by attaching importance to the basic performance.” “There was one more technique indispensable to “It is a unique layout of a single-cam horizontalimprovement in the performance of the TPL, i.e., a opposed cylinder and a special-formed eccentric cam mechanism of a roller pin in contact with the inner itself, developed by TACMINA, that supports the race. The motion of the special-formed eccentric cam unprecedented pulseless performance and ultrais transmitted to the shaft through the roller pin. The...

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Approximately 1/2 compared with conventional size. Compactness is a result of the pursuit of functional beauty. Size comparison with TACMINA's conventional products

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“TACMINA's unique design has attained unprecedented compactness without being entrenched by the conventional concept.” pump that excels others in the world.” “The TPL is so compact that the required installation “We did not only eliminate redundancy from the area is approximately 1/2 of that of a conventional form. In fact, we made full-fledged use of a 3D metering pump on the condition that they are the CAD system from the beginning of this project, and same in capacity. In fact, the TPL has been in this we have been making progress in the streamlining of compact form since the very beginning...

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Modular body with side-opening system changes maintenance. [Easy Maintenance]

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“How to reduce users' maintenance effort. The answer was the modular pump and side-opening head component.” “The TPL has already made actual results mainly in the fields of film coating and semiconductor production, where the excellent pulseless performance of the TPL is highly evaluated. These fields have, so to speak, top-secret processes where leading-edge technologies are applied. Therefore, regular maintenance to products delivered is done by the users in many cases. As a matter of course, if the products have poor maintainability, the users will have to shoulder a heavy burden. Therefore,...

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Model Code ME : Hydraulic diaphragm pump I Drive box surface treatment None: Painting N : Electroless nickel plating * For details, contact yourTACMINA representative. The performance specifications and external dimensions below are examples for a standard model. Please contact us for details of customized specifications.

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Flexibly responds to applications with strict requirements, such as fine film coating and electronic component production stages. An excellently constant flow responds to processes requiring strict quality control. TACMINA's TPL is a new current of liquid transfer for a variety of applications, such as fine film coating, measurement processes and in-line (continuous in-pipe) infusion in the leading-edge field, sample liquid supply for liquid chromatography. [Fine film coating] Improvement in coating precision [Measurement infusion] No load cell required [Continuous mixing of two liquids] [Dipping]...

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Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement. EC-055 (6) 06 Head Office: 2-2-14 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0047 Japan Tel.+81(0)6-6208-3974 Fax.+81(0)6-6208-3978 URL E-mail

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