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Smoothflow Pump TPL Series
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    “TACMINA's unique design has attainedunprecedented compactness without being entrenchedby the conventional concept.”pump that excels others...
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    Modular body withside-opening systemchanges maintenance.[Easy Maintenance]
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    “How to reduce users' maintenance effort.The answer was the modular pumpand side-opening head component.”“The TPL has already made actual...
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    Model CodeTPL 1 ME N| Drive box type1 : 400W Motor2 : 1.500W MotorI Pump typeME : Hydraulic diaphragm pumpI Drive box surface treatmentNone: PaintingN...
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    [Potentiality]Flexibly responds to applications withstrict requirements, such as fine film coating andelectronic component production stages.An excellently...
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