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Smoothflow Pump Q Series
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Catalog excerpts

All-New Precision Pumps for Minute Amounts World-First Mechanism Constant & Stable Flow For Those Who Want Total Control over Liquid Flow Smoothflow --- the ideal method of liquid transfer. This innovative method not only meets your liquid transfer needs, but also provides optimal solutions to people, liquids and the environment as well. TACMINA's Smoothflow technology, based on unique know-how cultivated over 50 years, delivers you ultimate performance and provides complete satisfaction. Ideal Method of Liquid Transfer Eco-Friendly Economical

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Are you and your conventional laboratory pump plagued with problems like these? Tube type Low accuracy and reduced flow rate The structure of conventional pumps makes strict flow control difficult. Over time, tube elasticity decreases, making it impossible to achieve original flow rates. High running costs Special tubes for organic solvents in particular wear out quickly, and components are generally expensive, leading to higher running costs. Syringe type Continuous, long-term liquid transfer is impossible Multi-type apparatuses are required for continuous transferring of liquids beyond the capacity...

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Smoothflow Pumps—designed for state-of-the-art manufacturing processes requiring extremely high precision, including applications for thin film coating and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Q Series is the first pump that brings TACMINA's Smoothflow technology to the laboratory. Excellent quantitative performance and responsiveness • TACMINA pumps provide impressive quantitative performance with repeatability within ±1% (full scale ratio). • Flow rates can be finely configured at units of 0.01 mL/min. • In addition, the excellent responsiveness allows for quick enforcement of starting and stopping operations...

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Continuous, constant flow with no pulsation Conventional pumps ● TACMINA's proprietary pumping mechanism (patented) enables pulsation-free, continuous, constant flow even with Injection fluctuation diaphragm pumps. No liquid leakage or changes in properties ● Since no sliding parts are used, localized pressure Conventional pumps does not change, liquid is not altered by frictional Liquid leakage heat, and solidification is prevented. ● The completely sealed structure also features no mechanical seals, eliminating the need to worry about liquid leakage. ● Delicate liquids that may be altered if...

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Simple, user-oriented design for ease of use Easy setting and calibration ● Users can change the flow rate just by entering the desired rate. ● Pump calibration can also be performed just by measuring and inputting the actual discharge rate. This allows for easy and accurate flow control. Simple disassembly and assembly ● The liquid-end section can be disassembled just by removing the bolts. ● Since assembly can be performed without trouble even for the first time, anyone can assemble the pump and maintain original performability. Easy liquid change ● With a spare pump head set, the liquid can...

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I/O control, gradient operation and other various functions Auto-stop operation Signal output function Operation times and discharge amounts can be set to stop pump operation automatically. Signals can be output for use with external equipment. Unit pulse Stopping the pump after pumping for 2 hours Stopping the pump after pumping 500 mL Pulse-input proportional operation Pulse signal output after a specific amount is discharged Signal output when an error occurs Operation signal Signal output while the pump is in operation Pulse signal output when interval or gradient operation ends (QT only) Analog-input...

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■ Application Examples Continuous operation over extended periods Long-term continuous operation is possible for durability tests. Thanks to a structure that incorporates no sliding parts for transferring, the flow rate does not decrease due to wear or the like even over long periods. ■ Control types: Q, QI, QT ■ Functions: Manual operation Dispensing Operation automatically stops following discharge of a specified amount of liquid. This functionality is useful when collecting a fixed amount of a liquid. ■ Control types: Q, QT ■ Functions: Auto-stop or interval operation Constant-cycle injection...

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Flow-proportional injection In accordance with the flow rate in the main piping being measured by the flow meter, the amount of chemical to be injected can be adjusted automatically by inputting a signal to the pump. Flow meter ■ Control types: QI ■ Functions: Pulse or analog-input proportional Signal cable [Tip] Control proportional to a liquid's chemical concentration, pH value, or temperature is also possible. Linked transfer of multiple liquids Signal cable Signal cable The transfer amounts of multiple pumps can be linked by outputting a unit pulse for each constant discharge rate and then...

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Model code type    (flow rate standard) © Power Plug Language General specifications *1 If manufactured with special specifications, this will be "X". O Select control type.

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Pump specifications Model Specifications *1 Conditions: Clean water at room temperature. *2 -10 to 50°C during transportation and storage. *3 Contact TACMINA for the conditions. *4 The weight of the stand is excluded. *5 This is the weight of the Q (standard type). *6 This is the weight of the Q-100. The Q-60/30 is 2.6 kg. The Q-10 is 2.9 kg.

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XPL The same excellent precision and ease of use as the Q Series! Performance specifications | Other Smoothflow Pumps Model PL Max. discharge volume: 30 L/min Max. discharge pressure: 50 MPa Customizable design allows for handling of a variety of applications. APLS Max. discharge volume: 45 L/min Max. discharge pressure: 0.5 MPa Large-capacity specification for sanitary use. Transfer slurries and high-viscosity liquids. Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement. EC-064(3)-2017/12/D-- TACMINA CORPORATION Head Office: 2-2-14 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku,...

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