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Smoothflow Pump BPL Series

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Smoofhf/ouj Pump BPL Direct-driven type Metered transfer & injection

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Heralding a revolution in piping design practice. The BPL Smoothflow pump eliminates the pulsation that is characteristic of diaphragm pumps, and transfers liquids in precise amounts up to a high pump head, even through small-bore pipework over a long distance. There is no need for auxiliary units, enabling uncluttered lines to be constructed and contributing to significant energy savings with reduced carbon dioxide levels. This is the pump that heralds a revolution in piping design practice. Small-bore piping even for longdistance transfer Pump BPL High-head liquid transfer with a small...

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VS Conventional Diaphragm Pumps Every part is designed to improve efficiency and to reduce the overall cost. Safe No more dangers posed by air chambers Air chambers have been eliminated to banish any risk of chemical being splattered or spilled. Contribution to energy saving This pump has lower power consumption than conventional diaphragm pumps. Easy & Accurate Reduced expenses involved in long distance pipework Small-bore pipework, even over a long distance, can now be used since there is no pulsation. Reduced running costs Easy metering of flow rates The discharge volume of liquid can be...

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Example : Injection of sodium hypochlorite Conventional system Smoothflow pump Simple pipework Diaphragm pump Example : Chemical transfer to a high pump-head over a long distance Conventional system Chemical injection pump No secondary tank or pump needed Primary tank Inside building Rotary pump Inside building Example : Liquid volume control using flowmeter Conventional system Smoothflow pump Enables automatic control Requires the troublesome task of manually measuring the liquid volume because a flowmeter cannot be used. Tank Flow meter Controller Diaphragm pump Auxiliary Devices &...

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^ Connection type*2 H: Hose*3 F : JIS flange A: ANSI flange 4 D: DIN flange *4 U: Union M: Screw (Rp female screw)*3 ^ General specification*6 S: Standard X: Special ^ Applicable standard *1 "005" cannot be selected as the model in 0 for VT6E/VT6F. "V" is selected in 0 . The pump head material of STST 10 to 30 is SCS14 (equivalent to SUS316). *2 “3 to 30” cannot be selected as the model in0for the hose type. “3 to 30” cannot be selected as the model in 0for the union type; “STST’ is selected in 0. “3 to 30” cannot be selected as the model in 0for the screw type; “VTCE/VTCF” is selected in...

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sK The numbers or letters inside of [    ] stands for specifications of CE model. *1 This is the discharge volume of the VTCE/VTCF type. For details about the VT6E/VT6F/STST type, contact your TACMINA representative. *2 In the case of models BPL-3 and BPL-5, the maximum discharge pressure is 0.3 MPa when a setting of 1:10 (6 to 60 Hz) is used for the discharge volume control range. *3 STST type discharge side: BPL-005 to 06, 10 mm dia. x 12 mm dia.; BPL-1 and 2, 12 mm dia. x 15 mm dia.; suction side: 12 mm dia. x 15 mm dia. *4 Other connections are also available. For details, contact your...

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