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Catalogue excerpts

Smoathflouj Pump Direct-driven type Metered supply

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The Arrival of a Metering Transfer Pump with an Innovative Mechanism Ideal for Sanitary Processes! The APLS Series transfers liquids gently as it is a diaphragm pump. And without the pulsation generally associated with diaphragm pumps, too. This ideal form of pump is based on a completely new concept. Two opposite diaphragms gently and reliably transfer liquids as if they are softly caressing them with both hands. Also, the mechanical seal-free completely sealed structure makes the APLS Series hygienic and extremely easy to disassemble and clean. Constant & Stable Flow Ideal Method of Liquid Transfer Discharge-side...

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High-viscosity liquids Up till now, the transfer of high-viscosity liquids has been generally regarded as dif- ficult. However, thanks to a special pump head structure designed to minimize resis- tance and contamination, Smoothflow pump can transfer high-viscosity liquids such as mayonnaise without any problem. Mayonnaise (non-Newtonian liquid): APLS-10 •Tomato ketchup Slurry liquids As Smoothflow pumps have no sliding or mating parts, there is no risk of slurry being crushed and slurry damaging the Also, the diaphragms - the liquid-end parts - are coated with PTFE, a highly durable material....

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Handy Unit Types That Are Easy to Move, Install and Handle! APLS Series Max. discharge volume : 47 L/min Handy unit type free from troublesome wiring and piping work. Rearrange- ment of the line and mainte- nance is also made easier as the unit is very easy to clean. Trolley type The trolley type unit with cas- ters can be easily moved for installation at different sites and easily integrated into other equipment. : Specifications can be changed as required to suit customer specifications. For details, contact TACMINA. Refiner Pulse Counter • If you require higher precision performance, we • Use...

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Excellent linearity (little flow rate fluctuation) Smoothflow pumps are completely Backflow of transferred liquid is reliably suppressed by valve seats sealed structures free of mechanical with excellent sealing performance. This eliminates big drops in flow seals. As there is no risk of liquids rate even if the pressure in the discharge-side piping changes. leaking to the outside, this means that you can use the APLS Series for the safe transfer of expensive drug solutions and dangerous chemicals. No pulsation! The APL Series uses a 1-cam, 1-head, 2-diaphragm mechanism, unlike anything else on...

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Model Code *1 Conditions: room temperature, clean water, standard valve used, inverter frequency 60 Hz -The maximum discharge volume changes depending on the viscosity of the transferred liquid. Values in parentheses "( )" are the maximum discharge volume at 0.2 MPa. *2 When TACMINA-specified inverter is used *3 For details on other specifications and models, contact TACMINA, *4 It may change depending on the liquid property/transfer conditions of the pumping liquid. Contact your dealer or Tacmina, The above example performance specifications and external dimensions are for a standard model. These...

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