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Catalogue excerpts

Smoathfloiu Pump Direct-driven type Metered transfer

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Solving Trouble and Dissatisfaction of Transfer Pumps in a Single Stroke With rotary volumetric pumps and other conventional pumps, there has always been the danger of liquid leakage and intrusion of foreign matter. What's more, disassembly and maintenance has always been a major source of troublesome tasks. The TACMINA APL Series of universal pumps provides a total solution for all of your pump-related troubles. As well as demonstrating excellent discharge accuracy and resistance to wear, the APL Series drastically reduces labor during maintenance and helps improve the reliability of processes. Major...

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For Those Who Want Total Control in Liquid Flow Smoothflow --- the ideal method of liquid transfer. This innovative method not only Constant & Stable Flow meets your liquid transfer needs, but provides optimal solutions to Man, Ideal Method of Liquid Transfer liquids and the environment as well. TACMINA's Smoothflow technology, based on unique know-how cultivated over 50 years, delivers you ultimate performance and provides complete Eco-Friendly Economical APLS Series Max. discharge volume : 47 L/min Max. discharge pressure : 0.5 MPa Liquid end material : SUS / PVC / PVDF Max. discharge volume...

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Mechanism & Principle The Answer Lies in Its Two Opposite Diaphragms The two diaphragms act in concert together to gently and reliably transfer liquids as if they are softly caressing them with both hands. This at once solves various problems and improves productivity. Motor Pump head A proprietary mechanism comprising two pump chambers opposite each other simplifies the structure of the pump head. Liquid is transferred at a consistently steady flow rate by the front and rear pump heads repeatedly and alternately discharging liquid. What's more, this highly efficient pump head structure has been...

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Compatible Liquids High-viscosity liquids Up till now, the transfer of high-viscosity liquids has been generally regarded as difficult. However, thanks to a special pump head structure designed to minimize resistance and contamination, Smoothflow pump can transfer high-viscosity liquids such as polymer coagulants without any problem. Examples ・ Resin raw materials ・ Liquid polymer coagulants Polymer coagulants (non-Newtonian liquid): APL-10 Silicon oil (Newtonian liquid): APL-10 Mayonnaise (non-Newtonian liquid): APLS-10 Slurry liquids fully as Smoothflow pump neither has liquid-end parts - are...

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Features & Advantages No entry of foreign matter The Smoothflow pump differs from ro- Abrasion that creates powder does tary pumps in that it is a completely not arise as Smoothflow pump has sealed structure free of mechanical no sliding parts at liquid-end sec- seals. This means that there is no risk tions. This means that you need not of transferred liquids leaking to the out- worry about powder or foreign mat- Smoothflow pump does not stir or 2-diaphragm mechanism, unlike anything apply excessive pressure locally on else on the market, to suppress pulsation liquids. This makes it ideal for...

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Durability & Long-Life High abrasion resistance Dry-running possible Diaphragms are coated with highly durable Smoothflow pumps have no sliding PTFE, and need to be replaced once every parts which used to be required in year or after 4000 hours of operation. This con- rotary pumps due to their structure. siderably reduces the replacement frequency This means that there is no risk of of parts, that previously had to be frequently re- seals wearing or seizing during placed, and helps lower running costs. * The recommended replacement cycle for consumables is sometimes reduced on some models depending...

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Model Code APL [w Diaphragm T: PTFE X: Special ^ Connection type F : Flange X: Special S Check ball C : Ceramic X : Special S:SUS304 3 O-ring F : Fluoro rubber T : FtTFzE E : EPDM    X : Special ^ Valve structure W : Standard X : Special V : High-viscosity 6 General specifications S: Standard X: Special Performance Specifications *1 FTCT is a custom order. *2 The APL-5/10 is now made of SUS304. *3 The APL-5/10 is now made of SUS316. * The SCS13 is the cast metal with composition equivalent to that of SUS304 and the SCS14 is the cast metal with composition equivalent to that of SUS316. *1 Conditions:...

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Performance curves Discharge volume (L/min) Discharge volume (L/min) The example performance curves were obtained by measuring on test equipment at TACMINA under the following conditions. erties of the transferred liquid, operating conditions Performance may differ slightly depending on the propand product differences. Measure the discharge volume under actual operating conditions, and set the frequency according to the per- formance curve that is obtained. ● Conditions : Clean water, room temperature

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Recommended Piping Arrangements We hope that the following example is useful in sufficiently demonstrating the performance (metering characteristics, discharge accuracy, etc.) of metering transfer pumps and in preventing pump accidents or trouble. Relief valve Back pressure valve For adjusting the relief valve pressure Pressure gage Flexible joint Valve Y-shaped strainer ● Locate the tank at a position higher than the pump. ● Make the suction-side piping as large and simple as possible and use pressure booster piping. Use a charge tank or suction damper when only the suction side is to be extended...

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Auxiliary Devices & Options Relief valve Back pressure valve ● This relief valve automatically releases excess pressure that builds up in the discharge-side piping of the pump to prevent unexpected accidents. *2 ● This valve prevents overfeeding*1 and siphoning phenomena. ● Provide the back pressure valve near the injection point on the discharge-side piping. * Install the relief valve near the pump on the discharge-side piping. * Note that the relief valve will no longer be able to operate correctly if dirt builds up on the seal section. *1 Phenomenon where the momentum (inertia) of the push...

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