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Catalogue excerpts

Direct-driven type Hydraulic type Plunger type Metered supply

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Plunger type Hydraulic type A New Paradigm to Create Safe and Reliable Diaphragm metering pumps are known for their outstanding performances, as they precisely meter and transfer any kind of liquids without excessive pressure or shear. Yet, with this method of transfer, there is still the problem of "pulsation," and so diaphragm metering pumps have been regarded as difficult to implement in manufacturing processes that require high precision. The TACMINA Smoothflow Series, the highly innovative pulseless diaphragm metering pump, addresses this problem without sacrificing performance. As an ideal...

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Direct-driven type Transfer of Liquids Constant & Stable Flow Ideal Method of Liquid Transfer Eco-Friendly Economical For Those Who Want Total Control in Liquid Flow Smoothflow --- the ideal method of liquid transfer. This innovative method not only meets your liquid transfer needs, but provides optimal solutions to Man, liquids and the environment as well. TACMINA's Smoothflow technology, based on unique know-how cultivated over 50 years, delivers you ultimate performance and provides complete satisfaction. Ideal for the metered transfer of difficult-to-transfer chemical liquids and fluids, such...

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The Advantages of Diaphragm Metering Pumps An Ideal Pump Mechanism for Accurately and Gently Transferring Liquids A pure, thick PTFE corrugated diaphragm used for improved precision and safety Hydraulic type Accurate Transfer of Even Small Amounts No Entry of Foreign Matter* Since the pump has no rotating or sliding parts, where foreign matter is often generated, the risk of foreign matter contamination is greatly reduced. This pump can be used safely for processes that require the strict quality management, such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electrical machinery industry, and...

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Structure and Operation of TACMINA Smoothflow Pumps “Special-formed Eccentric Cam” Ensures Pulseless Continuous Discharge On conventional duplex metering pumps, pulsation occurs on the discharge side as rotary motion of the circular eccentric cam is converted to reciprocating motion. However, by applying the special-formed eccentric cam to set the sum of the discharge volumes of both the left and right pump heads to a constant value, TACMINA has achieved smooth, pulse-free continuous metered operation on a diaphragm pump. Smoothflow pump (Example: Direct-driven type) Discharge waveform Check ball Suction/discharge...

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Structure and Operation of TACMINA Smoothflow Pumps Dispersion process : Contributes to stable quality without the pump being worn by slurry liquids. Filtration process : Prevents flow rate decreases due to filter clogging. Spray-drying process : Contributes to homogenizing particle size by a constant flow with no pulsations.

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In-line continuous preparation process : Creating an in-line process realizes uniform preparation with high accuracy without foreign particle contamination. Base compound Paint spraying process : Realizes increased quality of the painted surface without being affected by pressure fluctuations. Coating process : Contributes to increased quality of the coated surface with a constantly stable continuous flow.

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Pulseless Pump Line-up Direct-driven Type D (Direct-driven diaphragm) type • Low-cost but capable of high- precision injection • Excellent durability. Ideal for exact- • Simple mechanism facilitates parts Performance Specifications • Dilution of sulfuric acid and caustic soda • Circulation of paint in dip tanks • Injection of curing agents for molding sand • Glaze spraying process ...etc. * The picture shows the PTFE type. *1 SCSI 4 casting has the same composition as SUS316. *2 Model 3P uses SCSI 4. *3 Models 3P and 6 use PFA/silicon rubber. *4 Model 03 uses special fluororubber (perfluororuber)....

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W (Direct-driven double diaphragm) type • Highly corrosion-resistant pure, thick PTFE is used for the front • The buffer solution filled between diaphragms' fatigue. • A leak monitor or remote head Application examples • Injection of filter media in beer filtration • Transfer/injection of organic solvents • Transfer of highly corrosive solvents • Injection of chemicals in leather production Pure, thick PTFE corrugated diaphragm used Highly durable, corrosion-resistant molded diaphragm used External Dimensions Drive box type : X (vertical) type Drive box type : Y (horizontal) type *1 Pumps with...

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Pulseless Pump Line-up M (Hydraulic diaphragm) type • Hydraulic mechanism enables high- pressure, high-precision discharge. • The built-in relief mechanism pre- vents pump malfunction and accidents caused by excessive pressure. This eliminates the need for relief piping, and frees you from the worry of transferred liquid • Pure, thick and extremely highly corrosion-resistant PTFE used for Application examples • Transfer of adhesives for sticky sheets • Precipitation process for organic metal powders • Injection of urea solution for denitration and • Injection of catalysts for the production of Performance...

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MW (Hydraulic double-diaphragm) type • Slurry and high-viscosity liquids • The buffer solution unifies the pres- sure generated in the drive unit diaphragm without damaging it. from the worry of entry by hydraulic • A leak monitor or remote head can be mounted for safer transfer of liquids. • Mixing of plastics having dual liquid properties • Drink preparation process • Metered transfer of high-concentration zir- conia (slurry) • Metered injection of flavorings, colorings, aro- © Hydraulic pressure regulator n the case of a piping blockage, the built-in relief mechanism releases the excessive pressure...

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Pulseless Pump Line-up • Capable of injecting small amounts of liquids at high pressure and at high precision without being affected by pressure fluctuations • Rigiducture for excellent durability Application examples Injection of additives into resin-molding lines High-pressure injection of boiler chemicals Injection of other chemicals into high- ©Joint ©Valve seat ©Check ball © Pump head © V-packing © Plunger ® Packing refaiher © Universal Joint Performance Specifications *1 For Models 0005 through 02, V-packing is used as plunger seal. *2 Models 04, 08, 1, and 3 use PFA/silicon rubber. *3 Models...

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