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Catalogue excerpts

Motor-Driven Metering Pumps Direct-Driven Diaphragm Metering Pumps Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps Plunger Metering Pumps

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From Water Treatment to Advanced Processes and Sanitary Processes High-accuracy and high-functionality technologies for pumps are the research and development themes that we have been pursing for over half a century. Our pumps feature excellent liquid transfer accuracy, as well as combining maintainability and durability, and they can be used in a wide variety of fields and applications such as water/waste water treatment, advance processes, and sanitary processes. Direct-Driven Diaphragm Metering Pumps For production processes and water/waste water treatment processes Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering...

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We Deliver Peace of Mind and Reliability for Metered Injection of Various FluidsINDEX 4 Features 4 Configuration 4 Application Examples 4 Lineup 4 Direct-Driven Diaphragm Metering Pumps 4 Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps 4 Plunger Metering Pumps 4 External Dimensions 4 Options/Related Products 4 Recommended Piping Example

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Basic Metering Pumps that Maximizes "Ease of Use" Pumps equipped with "ease of use", where the desires of our customers are reflected in the basic functions. General-purpose Motor Included as Standard Various general-purpose flange motors are installed. Pumps can also be shipped without a motor attached so that users can mount their own motors. * Models with a 0.4 kW or higher motor only Easy-to-operate Flow Rate Adjusting Dial The flow rate adjusting dial has been made large so as to be more visible and easier to handle. Its dial scale is also made of resin, making it resistant to corrosive liquids,...

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Configurations that can Handle Diverse Needs Pump head We have a lineup of motors that includes increased-safety/ pressure-resistant explosion-proof motors. We offer five types of pump mechanisms. There are two types of control variations: inverter control and electric servo. We also have a lineup of special materials (titanium, hastelloy) for the liquid end materials that can handle various types of chemicals. Stroke count control Frequency Inverter Frequency Inverter for Explosion-proof Motor Stainless steel Direct-Driven Diaphragm type Motors PVC General purpose flange motor Stainless steel Customers'...

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Application Examples Material Supply Air chamber Metering pumps Preparation / Mixing Metering pumps Agitator Metering pumps Temperature Regulation Air chamber Metering pumps Next process

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Metering pumps Polymer flocculant 1 tank Aggregation-sedimentation tank Metering pumps Neutralization Aggregation tank tank Circulation pump Air Conditioning Cooling tower /* Circulation pump

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Diaphragm type〔FXD・FYD〕 Double-Diaphragm type〔FXW・FYW〕 Highly corrosion-resistant. Operable in severe operating environments. Simple mechanism facilitates maintenance. High corrosion-resistant molded diaphragm used. Operable at a wide range of sites ranging from water treatment through to manufacturing processes. Diaphragm type〔FXM・FYM〕 Double-Diaphragm type〔FXMW・FYMW〕 ● Integrated relief mechanism prevents pump malfunctions and accidents to ensure safe and secure on-site operation. ● High-precision injection achieves stable quality on production lines. ● High corrosion-resistant molded diaphragm...

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Joint O-ring Check ball Valve seat Pump head Pump shaft Pump head structure■ Hydraulic Diaphragm type ■ Hydraulic Double-Diaphragm type Mechanism Hydraulic pressure regulator Equipped with a relief mechanism that releases excessive pressure in the event that the piping becomes blocked to increase safety and durability. Pump shaft Operating oil Plunger* Pump shaft Operating oil Plunger* * Models 01 to 06,3P to 10P are piston. Pump head structure ■ Plunger type The liquid is suctioned and pumped by the reciprocating motion of the plunger applying a volumetric change to the interior of the cylinder. Plunger...

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Diaphragm type Cfxd*fyd} Double-Diaphragm type Cfxw*fyw}Performance Specifications Model Specification *1 Values in [ ] are for motor attachment direction horizontal type "Y". *2 Liquid end materials "STST" only. *3 Motor attachment direction vertical type "X" only. *4 Can only be selected if Liquid end materials are "VECE" or "VESE" for the direct drive diaphragm type. *5 For the direct drive diaphragm type and diaphragm PTFE, discharge volume: 3 L/min (50 Hz), 3.6 L/min (60 Hz), discharge pressure: 0.25 MPa. *6 Hose connection for Liquid end materials "STST": 0.5 MPa. *7 Hose connection for...

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The maximum discharge volume is for fresh water/room temperature. ||Series neme F : Standard SF : Sanitary 0Drive box type X : Vertical type Y : Horizontal type 0 Number of pump heads11 1 : 1 head 2 : Duplex Blank : w/o relief valve R : w/ relief valve QPressure specification14 Blank : Standard P : High-Pressure type 0Connection type16 H : Hose F : Flange U : Union [QGeneral specification S : Standard X : Special 1 Pumps with 3 or more heads can also be manufactured. Contact TACMINA for details. *2 For Model 003, if El Type is Direct-driven double-diaphragm, then E3 Drive box type is Horizontal...

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Diaphragm type〔FXM・FYM〕 Double-Diaphragm type〔FXMW・FYMW〕 Performance Specifications Model Max.discharge pressure* Stroke per minute 50Hz/60Hz) strokes/min ( Transferrable viscosity Transferrable temperature Stroke length Connection type Power supply Insulation class/Conduit pipe size Specified current/ A Locked rotor current*3 − Totally enclosed fan-cooled outdoor type Values in [ ] apply if the liquid end material is stainless steel. The suction-side nominal pressure is JIS10K. Values in [ ] are for the horizontal drive box type. Values are for models using stainless steel type flange connection;...

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The maximum discharge volume is for fresh water/room temperature. Performance Specifications 10General specification S : Standard X : Special 1 Pumps with 3 or more heads can also be manufactured. Contact TACMINA for details. *2 For Models 08 through 10, Horizontal model can be selected for B Drive box type in the case of a two-head application. *3 For high-pressure models, select B from among STSE, STSF, STST, and 6T6T. *4 Liquid end materials STSE and STSF are not available when 5 Model is 3 and 6 Pressure specification is High-pressure type. *5 If 5 Model is 3 and 6 Pressure specification is...

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