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Catalogue excerpts

Clean High Precision Long Life

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Smoothflow Pump features excellent wear-resistance and a structure that minimizes contamination to improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs of lithium-ion secondary batteries! Smoothflow Pump (special-formed eccentric cam) Direct-driven type model (example) Discharge waveform Check ball Protective diaphragm Diaphragm Left side (L) suction and discharge volume Right side (R) suction and discharge volume Total discharge volume Discharge side Since the left and right pump heads perform the discharge process simultaneously over a fixed period, the sum of the volumes discharged from the two pump...

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Zero pulsation and quantitative liquid transfer Long-term stability The Smoothflow Pump provides the excellent performance (including flow rate, pulsation rate and pressure pulsation rate) required of pumps for high-precision coating. Liquid transfer volume [mL/min.] Discharge volume [g/min.] *About the valve seat height The distance from the top of the check ball to the top of valve seat is measured with the check ball in a seated condition. J Valve seat height Easy cleaning — In-line cleaning *The washing effects will vary depending on the conditions of the coating liquids, cleaning solutions,...

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〉Smoothflow Pump can be used for 〉 wide-ranging applications in manufacturing processes of raw materials and electrode materials Dispersion process Featuring excellent wear-resistant characteristics to prevent contamination by foreign substances In the dispersion process of positive-electrode materials, the excellent wear-resistance of the Smoothflow Pump prevents contamination by a worn-out pump or other foreign substances. [Advantages of Smoothflow Pump] ・ Contributes to improving the particle-size distribution and reducing the process time by circulating liquids without any pulsation. ・ No contamination...

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Precise coating process Improves quality by means of a clean and precise supply The Smoothflow Pump can be used for the coating process of coating materials on separator substrates as well as the coating process of positive- and negative-electrode materials. [Advantages of Smoothflow Pump] ・ Precise liquid transfer improves the film thickness distribution on a coating surface. ・ Excellent wear resistance prevents foreign substances from contaminating the coating liquids. ・ Prevents the shearing and sliding parts from causing changes in the physical properties of coating liquids. ・ Reduces running...

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High-precision pumps for coating processes High-precision type Direct-driven type TPL    (ME type) *1 Conditions: Clean water, room temperature. *2 As there are cases where a liquid with higher viscosity than the indicated specification value can be transferred, contact your dealer or TACMINA for further information. Maximum discharge volume* *1 Conditions: Clean water, room temperature. *2 As there are cases where a liquid with higher viscosity than the indicated specification value can be transferred, contact your dealer or TACMINA for further information. *3 This specification value indicates...

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Precision pumps for dispersion and filtration processes APL/APLS series Direct-driven type High-precision type Large-capacity type *1 Conditions: Clean water, room temperature    *3 PVC is used for the APL series only. *2 The specification value varies depending on the quality of the liquid and    *4 JIS10K40A is used for high-viscosity liquid transfer, its viscosity characteristics. For further information, contact your dealer or TACMINA.    *5 The values indicated above are those of stainless-type models. PL series Direct-driven type High-precision type *1 Conditions: Clean water, room temperature...

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Based on your request, TACMINA's dedicated engineers can design the liquid transfer system by optimizing the peripheral equipment and piping layout in accordance with your requirements and worksite conditions, enabling you to take full advantage of the superb performance of Smoothflow Pump. Evaluation and testing services using actual liquids Our R&D Center of the Production Department (Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture) is equipped with a liquid testing facility that allows you to bring in liquids that you actually use for production and perform evaluations and tests. We are capable of performing...

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