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Catalogue excerpts

Diaphragm Metering Pump

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Easy, Tough and Safe This stylishly designed safe TACMINA Easy handling and maintenance by simple construction Durability improved by tough body Relief Valve prevents accidents. metering pump is easy-to-use and user-friendly developed with excellent utility, functionality and durability. Application Examples [Air-conditioning] [Water Treatment] Algicides Corrosion/rust inhibitors Slime inhibitors Scale inhibitors Sulfuric acid Hydrochloric acid Caustic soda Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) Polymer molecule flocculants Relief Valve Rust inhibitors Deoxidizers pH conditioners Corrosion/rust inhibitors Sodium...

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Model Code When selecting the pump model, refer to the "Liquid-end Material & Corrosion-resistance Table". 2 Model (discharge volume standard) For injection of general chemicals VTCE VTCF HW: PVC braided hose FW: Flange Relief Valve is not provided in the flange specification. w/out Relief Valve FTCE FTCF w/out Relief Valve w/out Relief Valve w/out Relief Valve w/out Relief Valve BW: PVC braided hose and Nylon tube For Injection of Boiler Chemicals w/out Relief Valve For Injection of High-viscosity Chemicals w/out Relief Valve For Injection of Sodium Hypochlorite w/out Relief Valve 5 5 Motor specification...

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Specification For Injection of General Chemicals Model 10R VTCE/ VTCF Item Max. discharge 50 Hz volume*1 60 Hz (mL/min) Max. discharge pressure*1 MPa Stoke speed 50 Hz (strokes/min) 60 Hz Stroke length (mm) 60R FTCE/ FTCF/ FTCT VTCE/ VTCF 100R FTCE/ FTCF/ FTCT VTCE/ VTCF 1 Conditions: Clean water, room temperature FTCE/ FTCF/ FTCT VTCE/ VTCF 300R FTCE/ FTCF/ FTCT VTCE/ VTCF Connection Discharge side (hose/tube: Suction side I.D x O.D) Relief Valve/Air Release Max. allowable viscosity Ambient Allowable temperature Liquid Environmental protection Weight (kg) 30R FTCE/ FTCF/ FTCT 50 mPa.s (no freezing...

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Liquid-end Material & Corrosion-resistance Table Model FTCF PVDF Pump head Diaphragm Check ball Valve seat Joint Ball stopper Ball guide Compressed coil spring Special fluoro-rubber Fluoro-rubber Special fluoro-rubber Pafulo *1 Special fluoro-rubber PVDF PVDF ATCF Acrylic (PMMA) PTFE SUS316 SUS304 PTFE (valve stopper) Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 Poly-aluminum chloride (PAC) Aluminum sulfate A 2(SO4)3 Polymer coagulants Special fluoro-rubber Hydrochloric acid HC Sulfuric acid H2SO4 Acetic acid CH3COOH Sodium hydroxide NaOH Aqueous ammonia NH4OH Sodium hypochlorite For Injection of For Injection of For...

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Performance Curve : VTCE/VTCF/FTCE/FTCF/FTCT/ATCF ( CLCS ) *1 30R 90.0 Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) : VTCE / VTCF/FTCE /FTCF/FTCT/ VT6E ( high-viscosity type) /ATCF ( CLCS ) *2 w/out Relief Valve Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Discharge volume (ml/min) Conditions: Clean water, room temperature Max. discharge output of each model (60 Hz) ): to 100 only *1 ATCF (CLCS 10 10...

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Relief Valve Function "Abnormal Pressure" Automatically Relieved to Prevent Accidents Pump head w/ Relief Valve Clogging or operation with valves closed generates abnormal pressure in the discharge-side piping, which makes it easier for hoses to become disconnected or ruptured, causing chemicals to spurt out and leading to a major disaster. This Relief Valve function automatically releases this abnormal pressure to prevent possible accidents, such as pump and piping damage. Also, costs and maintenance can be greatly reduced since optional equipment is no longer needed. Conventional system w/out...

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All the chemical injection functions packed into one unit. Chemical Injection System This chemical injection system combines a high- performance pump and multi-function tank to deliver the ultimate in usefulness and safety. When it is used in combination with a pump featuring a timer control function, the scope of its applications becomes even wider. Tank capacity Flow Checker This highly acid- and alkali- resistant, low-cost flow meter allows you to monitor injection discharge side of the pump Flow Indicator side of the metering pump. this indicator allows you to visually check discharge operation,...

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