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Catalogue excerpts

Leading the way in precision pumps

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Innovative precision pum Pushing our knowledge and skills to the limit, to push the frontier of TACMINA is committed to achieving optimum fluid transfer through innovative technologies.

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ps for optimum fluid transfer pumps ...

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Research & Development Today, we meet your requirements; tomorrow, we surpass them. That's the TACMINA mission.

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We bring innovative ideas to life with our abundant experience and advanced analytic technology. The diaphragm under analysis The goal of our research and development is to think outside the frame and create truly original products. All our technology and creativity are put toward this goal. Take our high-efficiency, low-energy-loss Smoothflow Pump, for example. It features an ultradurable diaphragm developed through repeated high-tech fluid & stress analysis, and a unique drive mechanism for smooth movement. The combination of the two produces high-precision, uninterrupted flow. In addition,...

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Fluids never before transferred, systems never before constructed... Challenges are chances to show our true strength.

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With expertise and system-building capabilities built up over many years, we provide customers with optimum solutions. High-temperature water-treatment agent injection pump Additive agent supply unit for optical film Supercritical carbon dioxide supply unit Today, users constantly seek new added value in the products they produce. TACMINA responds by conducting tests and inspections side by side with customers, using the data obtained to develop products and construct systems that meet diverse fluid transfer needs. An example is the joint academic-industrial development of a supercritical carbon...

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Production with Quality Constructing systems to provide reliable products at all times.

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Rigorous product quality management through highly sophisticated component finishing, assembly processes and inspection technologies. Component finishing Assembly process No matter how revolutionary a product is, poor quality will render it worthless - especially in the case of precision pumps, where accuracy is everything. In TACMINA's Production & Quality Control Division, products are subject to rigorous quality control. Precision finishing is carried out with our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. The most sophisticated techniques go into product assembly and quality maintenance. Finally,...

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Proposals for Success To meet challenges and find solutions with customers from diverse industries, we constantly strive to broaden our range of knowledge.

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TACMINA brings together all our capabilities to offer proposals that exceed customers' expectations. Mobile pump training facility (Pump Dojo) Our job is not to sell products as mere objects, but to meet customers' fluid transfer needs and offer solutions to their problems. The TACMINA sales team has this in mind when formulating proposals. To work with customers and find solutions to fluid transfer challenges: the sales team works toward this goal day in and day out, building up knowledge about diverse manufacturing processes, in fields ranging from alternative energy to chemicals to food products....

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Our innovation expands the range of possibility. Electronic Materials Optical Film Sterilization Disinfection Environment Water Treatment Renewable Energy Batteries Food / Medicine Biotech Expanding the possibilities of pumps, creating new value in every field To expand the possibilities of pumps and make contributions to society: with pumps that have unprecedented features and capabilities, it becomes possible to broaden the scope of fluid transfer, achieve processes previously thought unachievable, and create products with new features and new added value. By providing superior pumps, we aim...

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Electronic Materials / Optical Film ■ The electronic materials used in computers and mobile phones are constantly evolving. TACMINA pumps handle the transfer of fluids for coating and supply processes requiring high precision, including the CMP slurry indispensable in the manufacture of optical film for LCD and organic EL displays and manufacture of semiconductor devices, and the UV-hardening resins used in places like mobile phone bodies. 0 Supply of coating fluid for optical film 0 Coating of UV-hardening resins ■ Transfer of high-performance resin, collection of rare metals, circulation of...

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Renewable Energy / Batteries Food / Medicine / Biotech Renewable energy sources are expected to play a major role in achieving a low-carbon society. In this field, TACMINA products are used in the process of preparing back-sheet material for solar cells. They are also used for dispersal, filtration, and coating of electrode material in the manufacture of secondary batteries, such as rechargeable lithium ion batteries, known as key devices in a low-carbon society. Our products play a part in boosting battery performance. The food, medicine and biotechnology industries require manufacture in sanitary...

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Electronic Materials Optical Film Sterilization Disinfection Environment Water Treatment Renewable Energy Batteries Food / Medicine Biotech Environment / Water Treatment Environmental measures like treatment of agricultural and industrial water and wastewater, and recycling of materials, have become the ineluctable social responsibility of every enterprise. Our products are widely employed in this field as well, being used in an extensive range of environmental equipment and systems. They exhibit solidly reliable quality and performance in diverse applications at any scale, including treatment...

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Good appearance, better performance. Smoothflow Pumps TPL Series APL Series BPL Series PL Series PLSS Series Q Series 2002 Good Design Award Motor-driven Metering Pumps for Processes Direct Drive Diaphragm Type Hydraulic Diaphragm Type Plunger Type Equipment for Semiconductor Processes Gas- lockless Pump Pumps with Automatic Discharge Volume Correction MDiA Series Chemical Transfer Pumps Plastic Acid-Proof Pump (MUNSCH) TACMINA Magnetic Pump ELRO Tube Pump Air-Driven Diaphragm Pump (DEPA) Dynamic Vacuum Pump Safety Pump

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