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Catalogue excerpts

TACMINA Agitators for All Agitation and Mixing Needs TACMINA Agitators for All Agitation and Mixing Needs Manufacturing processes not only in the food and chemical industries but also in all sectors of industry are diversifying. Agitators are now required to immediately meet varying on-site conditions. TACMINA's range of agitators has been further enhanced to cover agitation of liquids, slurry, kneaders, static mixers, and other related equipment. Select the ideal model to suit your on-side requirements as if you are ordering a custom-made machine. Extensive Applications Chemical industry Uniform...

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Models Suited to Specific On-site Needs Select from three types - vertical, portable, horizontal - to suit pre- and post-manufacturing processes and on-site conditions. Vertical Agitators These agitators are fixed at the top part of tanks, and their shafts are inserted vertically for use. Two features of these agitators is a long service life and little vibration. For medium/low speeds (geared motor reducer type) M T For medium speeds (gear reducer type) GT For medium/low speeds (cycloid reducer type) C1T (for processes) For medium/low speeds (cycloid reducer type) C2T (for water treatment and...

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When selecting the type of agitator and motor drive, it is important that you fully understand specifications and operating conditions. Model Selection Your dealer will select the ideal agitator model matched to your particular requirements for you. Check each of the following items, fill in the table on the rear of this catalog, and inform your dealer of this information. Agitation Force Agitation Force Check your particular agitation requirements and physical conditions of the liquid you are going to agitate before checking the agitation force. • Uniform mixing and agitation of high-viscosity...

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Impeller Selection of the optimum impeller shape is vital. (Your dealer will select the impeller matched to your specifications.) Propeller Disk turbine Vane shape T-3A-4-vane paddle 2-vane paddle Anchor spiral ribbon Standard Specifications Paddles 3-vane propeller This axial flow propeller is the most widely used to obtain a large circulation volume. This paddle produces a high agitation effect flow by the combined action of radial flow and axial flow. It is ideal for agitation of large volumes of comparatively high-viscosity liquids, (500 to 20000mpA•s) liquids at slow speeds, and is used at...

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Vertical type Mounting procedure for vertical agitators In this example, the agitator is mounted eccentrically in the tank to obtain vertical convection and turbulence in the direction of axial flow. In this example, the agitator is mounted at the center of the tank, and baffle plates are attached on the inner wall of the tank to create vertical convection and turbulence. GTO For medium speeds (gear reducer type) As this vertical agitator is a highprecision gear unit, it emits little sound during operation, is compact, and demonstrates high performance. M T For medium/low speeds (geared motor...

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External Dimensions * Up to 0.75 kW, 1 stage, 3-vane propeller is standard * The shape varies slightly at 5.5 kW or more Motor Revolution Model Output Speed (min-' Agitation Shaft 3-vane propeller Main Body Mounting Flange Max. Agifafion Capacity Approx. Weghi Diluted ltd!™ • The standard paint color is Munsell 10GY-6/6. • The standard liquid-end materials are SUS304 and SUS316. Linings are also available in various materials. • The standard motor is a 4-pole, totally enclosed fan-cooled outdoor type • Sealed type (BTP) is also available. For details,contact your TACMINA representative.

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Mounting procedure for portable agitators For medium speeds (gear reducer type) As this portable agitator is a high-precision gear unit, it emits little sound during operation, is compact, and demonstrates high performance. This handy multi-type model can also be used as a vertical type (GT model) if the clamp is removed and a flange is attached. The agitator is clamped to the support base or top edge of the tank. Though the shaft is mounted at an angle with respect to the horizontal and vertical directions, it should be fixed so that its vanes do not exceed beyond the center of the tank. When...

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External Dimensions Specification Dimensions 0.4 kW or more for 6-pole motor (customer order). Also, body, shaft diameter and propeller diameter specifications increase by one more rank When outdoor cover * The 1 -stage, 3-vane propeller is standard * Dimension A varies slightly accordingly to motor manufacturer. Output Voltage Agitation Shaft 3-vane propeller Part Dimensions Max. Agitation Capacity Approx. Weight Diluted (*dium w/motQr Liquids ViscosityUquO - >The standard paint color is Munsell 10GY-6/6. >The standard liquid-end materials are SUS304 and SSU316. Linings are also available in...

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Agitator Applied Chemical dissolving tank with metering pump and Solution Tank Solution Tank In addition to standalone use, this tank can be used in various combinations for various applications: with a metering pump, with an agitator, or with a metering pump and agitator. An extensive range of range sizes are available: Compact. Ideal for small volumes Combining with Solution Tank fully demonstrates Specification Dimensions Motor Gear Body Main Body Agitation Shaft Hight [mm[ Hight [mm[ Length [mm) Dia. (mm) Mounting Flange • The standard paint color is Munsell 10GY-6/6. ► The standard liquid-end...

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Noritake Static Mixers with No Driven Parts For reduced maintenance and energy and space savings in mixing processes Notify us of the following when inquiring about TACMINA agitators. Sanitary Finishing Type N30 Series This sanitary type conforms to the same standards for sanitary piping used in food processing plants and supports CIP cleaning. The main unit and element can be easily removed and attached, making it ideal for processes that require disassembly for cleaning. Square (V x H x H) Round (dia. x H) Base height Flat bottom Bottom shape Mirror bottom Dimensions Spherical bottom Sealed...

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