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MODELS SE5081/2 - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

MODELS SE5081/25GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators • Single or Dual channel 5Gs/s (10GS/s equivalent in RF mode), 12 bit waveform generators • Directly generate RF signals higher than 7GHz • Extremely fast rise and fall time of under 100ps • Multi-Nyquist zone operation, up to the 4th Nyquist zone • Inter-channel skew control from -3ns to +3ns with 10ps resolution • Independent or synchronized channels configurations • 32M waveform memory and up to 64M memory optional • AM, FM, FSK, PSK, ASK, Amp. Hop, Freq. Hop, Sweep & Chirp • Powerful pulse composer for analog, digital and mixed signals • Advanced sequencer for step, loop, nest and jumps scenarios • Various output amplifier modules utilized to solve numerous applications in different domains • Smart trigger allows: trigger hold-off, detect <=> pulse width, as well as wait-for-waveform-end or abort waveform and restart • Built-in fast dynamic segments and sequences hop control • Two differential markers per channel with programmable positions, width and levels • User friendly GUI & Remote control through LAN, USB & GPIB • Store/recall capability on memory stick or 4GB internal memory • Multi instrument synchronization The new Signal Expert Series sets new standards for high speed arbitrary waveform generators. With an analog bandwidth of nearly 7 GHz, the new Signal Expert Series can reach frequencies much higher than its sampling rate. Combining this vast analog bandwidth with multi Nyquist zone operation, the Signal Expert series is capable of solving applications well beyond baseband and into the microwave frequencies. This new technology combined with advanced arbitrary and sequencing capabilities, excellent spectral purity, configurable output modules, and advanced triggering make the new Signal Expert Series the highest performing and most cost effective AWG of its class and even beyond. Multi-Nyquist Operation Traditionally AWGs work only in the first Nyquist zone as signals in the higher Nyquist zones are suppressed, due to bandwidth and architecture limitations. But what if these signals were not suppressed? This would mean that with the proper filter it would be possible to generate signals well above the sampling rate of the AWG. Utilizing new technology, the Signal Expert Series offers different sampling modes that optimize performance according to the Nyquist zone of interest. For example, in RF sampling mode, since data is inverted every half a clock period the DAC sampling rate is essentially doubled and therfore it seems as if the DAC can sample up to 10GS/s. Therefore, coupled with the proper output module and sampling mode, users can generate signals more than 7GHz and well into the microwave C-band, X-band and even K-band area, while keeping excellent signal purity. Configurable Outputs Option Different applications require different output paths. This is why the Signal Expert Series offers a selection of various factory configured output modules. Each output module offers a different amplifier path, utilizing benefits which would match your specific application need. For example, the High Voltage module, which offers 2Vpp into 500 but is limited in bandwidth, is utilized for various time domain applications, while for applications that require faster rise time and higher bandwidth, one can order the DC output module, which offers 1.2Vpp with <100ps rise time and 3GHz bandwidth. The default configuration is the direct DAC output path which offers 540mVpp, <85ps rise time and 4GHz bandwidth. Other output modules will be made available soon, so feel free to share with us your requirements so that we can try and meet your application needs. Signal Integrity and Purity One of the most important requirement in today’s test and measurement applications is high signal quality. With a typical SSB phase noise of <-120dBc at 100MHz, 10 kHz carrier offset and with exceptionally good SFDR of <-70dBc at 1GHz carrier, Tabor’s Signal Expert Series' unique platform delivers one of the best quality signals available on the market today, answering the ever-growing demand for clear and precise signals. JABOR ELECTRONICS Inc. Since 1971 Visit our website at www.taborel

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IQ Generation The ability to generate IQ signals is fundamental for any RF or communication engineer. With the advanced arbitrary capabilities and highly synchronized channels, the SE is ideal for generating digital modulations. The new Signal Expert Series offers excellent EVM performance even at 1.8GHz IQ bandwidth with less than 1% EVM for a 16QAM modulation, making it, by far, the best performance for price IQ source available in the market today. Common or Separate Clocks Need a dual or a single channel unit... why choose? With the new Signal Expert Series you can have it all. The Signal...

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MODELS SE5081/2 5GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorsSpecification CONFIGURATION PULSE / PATTERN COMPOSER    FM Single or double, programmable Normal, inverted or complement 800ps to 1.6s 4ns to 1.6s 200ps 1ns 200ps to (1.6s-200ps) 2ns to (1.6s-2ns) Dwell Time: Transition type: Memory: Amp. Resolution: Time Resolution: Sequence Scenarios: 1 Scenario Dynamic Control: Table Length: Advance Control: Sequence Loops: Type of output: Impedance: Connectors: Output Channels 1/2, Synchronized/Uly separated STANDARD WAVEFORMS Type:    Sine, triangle, square, ramp, pulse, sin(x)/x, exponential...

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Number of Markers: Type: Connectors: Skew Between Markers: Impedance: Amplitude Voltage: Window Low level High level Resolution: Accuracy: Width control: Position control: Range Resolution Initial delay: Variable delay: Control Range Resolution Accuracy Rise/Fall Time: Range Resolution Accuracy Sensitivity Min. Pulse Width: dac output module (default) Coupling:    AC-coupled Amplitude control® Range, single-ended    400 mV to 540 mV Accuracy, (offset = 0 V) ±(1% +5 mV) RMS Jitter (typical):    <1psec Phase Noise (typical,@10kHz)(5>: -120 dBc/Hz Bandwidth (3 Db)(3):    4 GHz SFDR (NRZ Mode, typical)...

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