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Model WX2181/2B 2.3GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

MODELS WX2181/2B 2.3GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators • Single / Dual Channel 2.3GS/s,14 Bit waveform generator, congurable as separate or synchronized channels • Inter-channel control from -3ns to +3ns with 10ps resolution • 1GHz sine and 500MHz square waves • 16M waveform memory, 32M memory optional • 3 selectable output paths: • 2Vp-p into 50Ω with 700MHz bandwidth, Differential DC output • 4Vp-p into 50Ω with 350MHz bandwidth, Differential DC output • -20 to +10 dBm into 50Ω with >1GHz bandwidth, RF AC output • AM, FM, FSK, PSK, ASK, Amp. Hop, Freq. Hop, Sweep & Chirp • Powerful pulse composer for analog, digital and mixed signals The WX2181/2B, 2.3GS/s Single / Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator, offers unrivaled performance, even when compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals or higher sampling rates. Its affordable footprint saves space and cost without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity. Universal Waveform Source Aside from its natural ability to generate arbitrary shapes with waveform granularity of 1 point, the WX2181/2B can also be used as a full-featured standard, modulation or pulse generator to solve various applications. Equipped with 2.3GS/s 14-bit clock and 16M points (32M optional) memory, the WX2181/2B can generate literally any waveform, short or long, at frequencies up to 1GHz with 8 digits of resolution, resulting in the highest precision signal creation and regeneration without compromising signal delity or system integrity. • Smart trigger allows: trigger hold-off, detect <=> pulse width, as well as wait-for-waveform-end or abort waveform and restart • Advanced sequencer for step, loop, nest and jumps scenarios • Two differential markers per channel with programmable positions, width and levels • Two instrument synchronization to form a four-channel system • User friendly 4” color LCD display • Remote control through LAN, USB and GPIB • Store/recall capability on disk-on-key or 4GB internal memory • LXI Class C compliant Signal Integrity and Purity One of the most important requirement in today’s testing and measurement applications is high signal quality. With a typical SSB phase noise of <-115dBc at 100MHz, and <-95dBc at 1GHz, at 10 kHz carrier offset and with exceptionally good SFDR of <-70dBc at 1GHz carrier, Tabor’s WX2181/2B unique platform delivers one of the best quality signals available on the market today, answering the ever-growing demand for clear and precise signals. Common or Separate Clocks Need a dual channel unit, a single channel unit… why choose? With the new WX2182B you can have it both ways. The WX2182B has two output channels, which can either operate independently, or synchronized to share the same sample clock source. As two separate channels, one has the advantage of having two separate instruments in one box, with each having the ability to be programmed to output different function shapes, frequency, amplitude levels and/or to operate in different run modes. Alternatively, the advantage of having two synchronized channels with less than 10ps skew and skew control is very signicant in applications that require an accurate and controlled phase between the two channels, which is ideal for many X-Y modes and I&Q output applications. DC or AC Coupled Outputs Have a requirement for different output paths in your lab? Great! The WX2181/2B offers two single or differential ended DC coupled and one single ended AC coupled output ampliers: 2Vp-p into 50Ω with 700MHz bandwidth, for applications demanding optimized transitions and aberrations; 4Vpp into 50Ω with 350MHz bandwidth, for applications demanding high voltage or -20 to +10dBm path for applications requiring bandwidth and atness for frequencies as high as 1GHz.

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MODELS WX2181/2B 2.3GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Powerful Segmentation and Sequencing Solving almost every complex application, powerful segmentation and sequencing produces a nearly endless variety of complex waveforms. The waveform memory can be divided into multiple waveform segments and sequenced in user-selectable fashion to create complex waveforms that have repeatable segments, jump and nest, saving you precious memory space. The WX2181/2B also allows you to generate up to 1000 sequence scenarios and sequence between them to generate an even higher level of exibility...

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MODELS WX2181/2B 2.3GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Specication CONFIGURATION Output Channels 1/2, Synchronized/fully separated STANDARD WAVEFORMS Type: Sine, triangle, square, ramp, pulse, sin(x)/x, exponential rise, exponential decay, gaussian, noise and DC. Frequency Range: Sine 10kHz to 1GHz Square, Pulse 10kHz to 500MHz All others 10kHz to 250MHz SINE Start Phase: 0 to 360° PhaseResolution: 0.1° Harmonics Distortion (typ.): DC HV AC 1Vpp 3Vpp 0dBm 5MHz to 100MHz <-44dBc <-40dBc <-40dBc (1) (1) 200MHz to 375MHz <-40dBc <-40dBc <-40dBc (1) (1) 375MHz to 500MHz <-35dBc...

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MODELS WX2181/2B 2.3GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Specication (n)PSK and (n)QAM OFFSET Modulation Type: PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, PI/4 DQPSK, 8PSK, 16PSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM and User Dened Carrier Control: On/Off Carrier Frequency: 100kHz to 65MHz Symbol Rate Range: Carrier On 100kHz to 65MHz Carrier Off 100kHz to 500MHz Symbol Accuracy:1ppm Table Size: 2 to 10,000 I-Q Parameters: Gain imbalance TBD Offset imbalance TBD Phase imbalance TBD Offset Range: -1.5V to + 1.5V into 50Ω Offset Resolution: 4 digits Offset Accuracy: ±(5% +5mV) COMMON CHARACTERISTICS FREQUENCY Resolution:...

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MODELS WX2181/2B 2.3GS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Specication RUN MODES Continuous: Self Armed: Armed: Triggered: Normal Mode Override Mode: Gated: Burst: A selected output function shape is output continuously. No start commands are required to generate waveforms. The output dwells on a DC level and waits for an enable command and then the output waveform is output continuously; An abort command turns off the waveform. A trigger signal activates a single-shot or counted burst of output waveforms and then the instrument waits for the next trigger signal. The rst trigger...

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