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Model WW1071/2 100MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

MODELS WW1071/2 100MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators • Single / Dual Channel 100MS/s waveform generator • AM, FM, Arbitrary FM, FSK, Ramped FSK modulation • 1M standard waveform memory (2M/4M option) • Comprehensive memory management • Sine waves to 50MHz, Square to 30MHz • Linear and Logarithmic Sweep • SINE OUT to 100MHz, 1Vp-p • 1 ppm clock accuracy and stability • 11 Built-in popular standard waveforms • User friendly and menu driven 3.8” color LCD display • 10Vp-p into 50Ω, double into high impedance • LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces • 14 Bit amplitude resolution • Multi-Instrument synchronization • 11 digits frequency resolution (limited by 1μHz) • ArbConnection software for easy waveform creation The WW1071/2 represents a new dimension in arbitrary waveform generator design. With an unprecedented combination of arbitrary generator and synthesizer, versatility, high resolution and wide frequency range, and outstanding performance-to-price ratio, the WW1071/2 delivers diverse benets that will facilitate tasks in many elds. 100MS/s Sample Rate New technology requirements are driving communications systems to use increasingly narrow channel widths. A high sample rate of 100MS/s makes the WW1071/2 an ideal modulation source for troubleshooting new encoding schemes. The WW1071/2 also provides high-speed waveforms to simulate signal distortion, video signals, component failures, and power supply line cycle dropouts and transients. High Performance Each channel of the WW1071/2 delivers precise waveforms with 14 bits of amplitude resolution and up to 14 digits of frequency resolution from remote with extremely low phase noise. Exceptional electrical performance includes up to 10Vpp into 50Ω over the full frequency range. Selectable lters ensure clean stimulus waveforms enabling the generator to simulate modulation waveforms. 14 Bit Resolution The 14-bit resolution provides 16,384 output levels. This means that even audio waveforms can be generated with excellent delity. It also allows video-and other complex waveforms-to be generated with small details superimposed on large signals, in order to test the response of receiving systems. Function Generator When used as a simple function generator the instrument offers ten basic waveforms with adjustable parameters all of which are accessible from the front panel. These are sine, triangle, square, pulse, ramp, sinc, Gaussian, exponential (up and down), noise, as well as DC. Sine and square waves can be generated at up to 50MHz. Up to 4M Waveform Memory The WW1071/2 offers 1M word memory standard and 2M or 4M word optional for arbitrary waveforms. In addition, the memory can be divided into as many as 2048 segments, which can be looped and linked in many different ways. Using 4M word at 100MS/s to generate a video signal, for example, the duration is 0.04 seconds, 25Hz, even without any looping of repetitive elements. Sequence Generator When the sequencing facilities are employed, the WW1071/2’s uniqueness is obvious. The memory segments can be linked and repeated in any combination both manually and under programmed control. This allows test software to switch between many different waveforms rapidly without the need to download multiple times, enhancing test throughput in a way that is unmatched by competing products. The sequence generator has four advanced modes: automatic, stepped, single and mixed, which make it even a more powerful tool.

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MODELS WW1071/2 100MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators High-Quality Modulation Signal Source One of the many attractive features of the WW1071/2 is the sample clock modulation function. In ordinary arbitrary waveform generators, to make a frequency modulated sine wave you have to enter the complete mathematical function. Not so with the WW1071/2: all that is necessary is generating the carrier signal, and then modulating the clock to obtain the required result. The sample clock modulation can be done using internal waveforms such as sine, square, triangle, and ramp or using...

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators STANDARD WAVEFORMS Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Sine(x)/x, Gaussian Exponential, Repetitive Frequency Range: Total Harmonic Distortion: Phase Noise (8 points Sine, Max. SCLK) TRIANGLE, RAMP Timing Ranges: 0%-99.9% of period SQUARE, PULSE Timing Ranges: 0%-99.9% of period SINC (SINE(x)/x) GAUSSIAN PULSE Time Constant: EXPONENTIAL FALL/RISING PULSE DIGITAL PULSE GENERATOR OPTION Single or double, programmable Normal, inverted, complement Pulse Mode: Pulse Width: Rise/Fall Time: High Time, Delay & Double Pulse Delay: 10ns to 1000s :i)Double into high...

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators SYNC/MARKER OUTPUT SYNCHRONIZATION CONNECTOR Low level: Carrier sample clock High level: Hop frequency Baud Rate Range: 1 bits/sec to 10Mbits/sec Min. FSK Delay: 1 waveform cycle + 50ns Sweep Time: Sweep Step: Sweep Direction: COMMON CHARACTERISTICS Display 11 digits (limited by 1 uHz) Remote 14 digits (limited by 1 uHz) Accuracy/Stability: Same as reference ACCURACY REFERENCE CLOCK initial tolerance over a 19°C aging rate External 10MHz TTL, 50% duty cycle Double into open circuit MAIN OUTPUTS Connector: Front panel BNC Protection: Protected against temporary short...

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators PHASE OFFSET (LEADING EDGE)_ Range: 0 to 1M points (2M/4M optional) Resolution/Accuracy: 1 point, or 1 SCLK of CH. 2 Initial Skew: <±2ns, with sclk divider = 1 <±3ns, with sclk divider > 1 CHANNEL 2 SAMPLE CLOCK DIVIDER ORDERING INFORMATION MULTI-INSTRUMENT SYNCHRONIZATION PHASE OFFSET (LEADING EDGE) Initial Skew: length and quality, typically with 0.5 meter coax cables Voltage Range: Frequency Range: Power Consumption: Display Type: With Feet Without Feet Without Package Shipping Weight 1 x rear, USB device, (A type) IEEE 488.2 standard interface Arbitrary Waveform...

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