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Model 3222/3322 40Vpp PXIBus/PCIBus Signal Amplifiers - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

MODELS 3222/3322 40Vp-p PXIBus / PCIBus Signal Ampliers • Large signal bandwidth to 15MHz • Small signal bandwidth to 30MHz • High amplitude to 40Vp-p (into high impedance) • Slew rate to 500V/μs • Low distortion • Custom Conguration of: Gain Input impedance Output impedance Output conguration Model 3222/3322 is a 3U single-slot, signal amplier designed for signal amplication. Offering unmatched signal purity, model 3222/3322 amplies signals from DC to over 20MHz. The unit has a xed gain of x10, however, the same amplier is available with custom gain, with no signal purity or performance degradation. Solves Common Problems A common problem with PXI & PCI equipment is the inability to produce high voltages resulting from low power supply rails. For example, waveform generators or similar signal source devices draw power from 12V rails. Consequently, they cannot produce signals above 10Vp-p into 50Ω. Model 3222/3322 solves this problem by using DC/DC converters to increase rail voltages which, along with custom components and unique design, enable amplication of input signals to 40Vp-p into high impedance, or 20Vp-p into 50Ω. Allows Full Current Rating to Other Devices The power amplier draws current only from the +5V rail, leaving the other power supply rails free to supply their full current rating to other devices. Ground Level Model 3222/3322 can be supplied with input and output connectors that are isolated from case ground allowing the amplier to oat from case ground level up to 250VDC. The only limitation is that both the input and output grounds must connect to the same ground level. This capability is extremely important in applications where the amplifying device must reside on the same ground level as its source. The oating capability can be added or removed using a simple, user-accessible jumper connection. Target applications Although the model 3222/3322 wideband amplier occupies a single slot, its performance is unique and outstanding by any standards. With 40Vp-p and over 20MHz bandwidth one can use model 3222/3322 for virtually any application. A common application is in the automotive industry where signals need to be in the 12V to 28V range. Another application would be in the aviation industry where even higher levels are required to route signals throughout the aircraft body. Cost effective solution Model 3222/3322 is a cost-effective, versatile power amplier that opens the door to numerous applications, specically implemented with PXI/PCI equipment.

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Signal Amplifiers ORDERING INFORMATION INPUT CHARACTERISTICS Damage Level: Frequency Range: OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS SQUARE WAVE CHARACTERISTICS SINE WAVE CHARACTERISTICS Small Signal Large Signal range + 25mV), Square wave Power Consumption: Current Consumption: Signal Ground: Without Package Shipping Weight Floated to the same level as Single slot, PXI/PCI Channel Signal Amplifier Channel Signal Amplifier *2' Custom gain from x10 to x20 can be ordered however, bandwidth may change *3' 1MQ is available with none inverting output polarity only. *4' Specification is given for the standard configuration...

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