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Model 3180 - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

MODEL 3180 180Vp-p PXIBus Signal Amplier • High voltage output to 180Vp-p (±90V) • Output current to 150mA • Large signal bandwidth to 300kHz • Small signal bandwidth to 1MHz • Slew rate to 120V/μs • Selectable gain conguration • Compatible with any of the Tabor waveform generators Model 3180 was designed as a general purpose, wide band and high voltage amplier, however, with specic applications in mind. It offers selectable gain of up to x50, with amplitudes of -90V to +90V and an output current of 150mA. With a large signal bandwidth of up to 300kHz and a small signal bandwidth of up to 1MHz the new 3180 offers new possibilities to meet the requirements that couldn’t be met before in a PXI form format, without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity. Solves Common Problems A common problem with PXI equipment is the inability to produce high voltages resulting from low power supply rails. For example, waveform generators or similar signal source devices draw power from 12V rails. Consequently, they cannot produce signals above 10Vp-p into 50Ω. Model 3180 solves this problem by using DC/DC converters to increase rail voltages which, along with custom components and unique design, enable amplication of input signals to 180Vp-p into 0.1Ω. Safety Safety played a major role during the design of the model 3180. The high voltage path to the amplier circuit is blocked by a front panel mechanical switch and accidental application of high power to the UUT is prevented by a safety latch. The 3180 will output high voltage signals only after the safety latch has been lifted and the high voltage switch ipped to ON position. In emergency situations, one can hit the protective latch to immediately remove the high voltage power from the output terminals. As an additional visual safety feature, a red light glows on the front panel whenever the high voltage is turned on. Allows Full Current Rating to Other Devices The power amplier draws current only from the ±12, and +5V rails, leaving the other power supply rails free to supply their full current rating to other devices. Target applications Although the model 3180 wideband amplier occupies a single slot, its performance is unique and outstanding by any standards. With 180Vp-p and over 300kHz bandwidth one can use model 3180 for virtually any application. A common application is in the automotive industry, where 28V or more is needed, but for others, like the defense and aviation industries, where even higher levels are required, the 3180 is a must. Cost effective solution Model 3180 is a cost-effective, versatile power amplier that opens the door to numerous applications, specically implemented with PXI equipment.

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MODEL 3180 180Vp-p PXIBus Signal Ampliers Specication CONFIGURATION Channels: Interface: GENERAL 1 single-ended output PXIBus INPUT CHARACTERISTICS No. of channels: 1 Connector: Front panel BNC Impedance: 50Ω Coupling DC Coupled Damage Level: ±25V Frequency Range: DC to 1MHz OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS GENERAL Connector: Front panel BNC Impedance: 0.1Ω Coupling: DC Coupled Protection: Short-circuit, 10 seconds Gain: x20(2), xed Polarity: Normal Amplitude: 0 to 180Vp-p (±90V) Max. Output Current: 150mA SQUARE WAVE CHARACTERISTICS Transition Time: Aberrations: SINE WAVE CHARACTERISTICS Bandwidth: Small...

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