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Modular Shoring System - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Modular Shoring System

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Modular Shoring System

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The Tabla Modular Shoring System The Tabla Modular Shoring System is a high octane, high performance engineered modular panel shoring system. Tabla offers more erection, stripping and financial satisfaction than can ever be expected from conventional shoring systems. It begins with rigid panel construction that enhances handling. The sharply honed Tabla Prop with its integrated drop-head puts you in control and helps to ensure confident erection and ease of stripping, while back-propping remains undisturbed. These advantages result in a high rate of production. The Panel and Prop with engineered...

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Introduction With Tabla, the Future is Now! When I started the design of the Tabla Modular Shoring System, safety was the first and most important criteria. The well being of the workers who clearly would trust us was paramount. To those workers, we promise that we will never employ anything less than a 3:1 safety factor under live conditions, regardless of economic pressures. Another decisive factor was to create the most economical system in the world. Thousands of design and trial hours have made this a reality. We have kept the end operation simple and safe. Currently we have over 2 million...

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The Tabla System: Safe, Fast, Efficient Below are the three simple steps* to erecting the Tabla Modular Shoring System from the safety of the working floor. The Panel is hung onto the Prop. The Panel is rotated (lifted) to the horizontal position and supported with the ADT. Next the Prop is slipped into position, locking into and supporting the Panel. The Standard Tabla Shoring System is a unique system erected from the working floor up to a height of 12’/3658. With Prop Extension the system can be erected up to a height of 16’/4877. For higher floors see the Tabla Pioneer System on page 24. Tabla...

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Tabla Procedures Erection System assembly using Gate Brace* Step 1 Extend Props to required working height and insert the Quick-Release Locking Pin. Attach a second Gate Brace at 90° to one of the props in the same manner as in Step 2. Square up the “L” shaped tower (3 Props and 2 Gate Braces). Prepare Bracing Gates to build an “L” shaped tower by assembling one Bracing Gate and two Props. Insert and lock the Gate Brace to the Props utilizing the attached Wedges. Tilt the Tabla assembly into the upright position and prepare to attach the third Prop to the free end of the Bracing Gate. Hang the...

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With the ADT seated into the Panel, step 6, rotate the Panel into the horizontal position and support the Panel until the forth Prop is installed. Hang the next Panel, as in step 6, and swivel to horizontal. Definition of plumb (in any direction) Place the fourth Prop under the Panel corner socket and seat the Panel into the Prop Head. With the ATD seated into the Panel (step 6) and the Panel rotated into the horizontal position use the ADT to support the panel temporaily until the next 2 Props are installed. In general, all structures require lateral bracing or lateral support. The Tabla Shoring...

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Tabla Procedures Stripping Panel stripping Once the the pour has set, the panels can be removed for reuse without disturbing the shoring props. Support Cups & Support Tray Load Support Key Tapered Seats Pouring Position. Spring Safety Latch Load Support Key Tapered Seats ADT moving into position Moving into position with ADT to unlock Panel support assembly. Spring Compressed Safety Latch retracted ADT engaged 3” Drop 3”/ 7¾ Drop Prop Head decends Panels released Load Support Key Lowered ADT leveraged Panel support assembly is unlocked and has dropped away from Panel. Push tail of panel up. Slide...

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The Tabla Stripping Bar is a multi use tool, which can be used for the release of surface tension between the Panel Deck and the underside of the slab (see images 1 and 2). The Stripping Bar can also be used as a “cheater bar” on the Prop Collar. (see image 3). 1 Insert Bar into notches on corners of panels. 2 Rotate Bar to release surface tension. 3 Insert Stripping Bar hook into Prop Collar. Rotate collar to raise and lower prop.

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Tabla Procedures Shoring, Backshoring and Reshoring Typical multifloor construction process Erect Tabla Shoring System from floor slab. 1st floor/ Slab on grade 1st floor/ Slab on grade 1st floor/ Slab on grade Shoring complete, pour second floor. Once concrete reaches 2000 psi, remove Tabla Panels. Leave Tabla Props undisturbed. 3rd floor 1st floor/ Slab on grade 1st floor/ Slab on grade Erect third floor with additional Props. Leave Tabla Backprops undisturbed. Shoring for third floor complete, pour third floor. 1st floor/ Slab on grade Once concrete reaches 2000 psi, remove Tabla Panels from...

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Quick Release operation Button in the Prop Head extends into the concrete to vent the Prop pre­­ from slipping. Activating Quick Release lowers the Prop Head along with the Plastic or Steel Button. Releasing the Safety Clip. PB Plastic Button A button in the Prop Head is important to prevent the Prop tipping after Quick Release activation. The Plastic Button removes with the Prop Head. The Wood Button remains in the concrete and can be sheared off later if necessary. If the slab deflection does not allow the Prop to become “loose”, back down the Collar until the Prop is loose. After the entire...

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Tabla Procedures Cantilever Guard Rail Panel c/u Toe Board Tabla Cantilever System Steel Button Pour Direction Tabla’s Cantilever technology maximizes efficiency and provides excellent safety on slab edges. Edge Cantilever construction is a potentially dangerous place to erect and work. Cantilevered Panels can create a great wind sail and it is estimated that uplift wind on tall buildings can be as high as 40 lbs per sq. ft/195 kg. per square metre or can create a force greater than 120 mph/190k/hr wind. Properly installed, the Tabla Cantilever System is designed to overcome these forces and when...

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Cantilever Erection Erection of Cantilever Step 1 Obtain PPE as per method statement for work and comply accordingly. Hang panel in vertical position and install safety chain (2 per panel) through accessory holes between vertical panel and horizontal panel. Safety Chain Install Cantilever Mounts, Cantilever Posts, Cantilever Shoes, Cross Brace, and upper Guard Rail Panel. Lanyard Cross Brace Cantilever Post Cantilever Mount Guard Rail Panel Cantilever Shoe After tying off for personal protection, rotate panel into horizontal position using Cantilever Posts. Install Cantilever Shoe, securing it...

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