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Torsional Stiffness Apparatus 108 Leather Stiffness Testing Measure the relative stiffness of leather and other flexible materials. Stiffness Tester Model 108 is based on the torsion apparatus described in test method ASTM D2821. It is used to measure the flexibility and stiffness of a leather or other bendable specimen and has been shown to be a reliable method of evaluating the relative stiffness of leather used in gloves. Simple to use, rugged design provides repeatable test results. Mounted to a rigid stand, the instrument consists of a torsion head, fixed torsional wire, and specimen clamping system. A specimen is affixed to a weighted clamp secured at the bottom of a torsion wire. A torsion head equipped with a dial protractor is turned in a plane normal to the torsion wire until the specimen has been twisted 90°. Torsion values are obtained by measuring the applied angular twist required to reorient the sample 90° or some other specified setting. Shown With Optional Remote Finger Control Knob

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Torsional Stiffness Apparatus 108 Leather Stiffness Testing Standard Features: Torsion Head complete with 0 - 360° dial protractor Split bearing locking knob ASTM specified torsion wire Dial Protractor Torsion Head Assembly Torsion Head Torsion Wire Twist Indicator Locking Knob Specimen Clamp Assembly Test Specimen (shown twisted) Remote Finger Control (optional) Send us your material for a product demonstration 455 Bryant Street North Tonawanda, New York 14120 USA For more information: Call 1.800.333.5300 (U.S.) or 716.694.4000 (outside U.S.) Fax 716.694.1450 Email us at

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