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Record test details on each specimen. Specimen mounting cards (S-36 and S-36-1) provide a unique way to capture pertinent test data on each specimen. On the back of smooth card stock is a printed test report that enables critical information to berecorded. A pressure sensitive adhesive makes these cards ideal tomount flexible specimens. Plus, they prevent the formation of wrinkles caused by the rub-action of the abrading wheels. Mounting cards are offered in 4 > 1 / 4 inch (108mm) square or round formats. Mounting sheets provide non-slip attachment. Coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive adhesive, specimen mounting sheets (S-37 and S-37-1) permit the testing of samples without a center hole. The adhesive sheet allows you to affix specimensdirectly to a specimen table that does not have the mounting screw.One side consists of a printed test report, permitting use of the sheet as a mounting card. Mounting sheets are offered in 4 > 1 / 4 inch (108mm)square or round formats. Specimen plates enable the testing of coatings. Taber offers a selection of specimen plates to assist with the evaluation of coatings. Different substrates permit testing based on the usage of the product, and include: wood, steel, aluminum, zinc, glass, andplastic. >

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Specimen Mounting S-36 Specimen Mounting Card, Square Ζ 4 > 1 / 4 " (108mm) square 50 pcs.card coated on one side with a pressure sensitive adhesive, test record form printed on reverse sideS-36-1 Specimen Mounting Card, Round same as S-36, but round50 pcs. S-37 Specimen Mounting Sheet, Square ֖ 4 > 1 / 4 " (108mm) square 100 pcs.card coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive adhesive, test record form printed on one side to permit using as mounting card S-37-1 Specimen Mounting Sheet, Round same as S-37, but round100 pcs. > Store in original containerRecommended storage conditions: temperature...

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