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Expand testing methods for Taber Rotary Abrasers. The Grit Feeder is used to evaluate three body abrasion caused by the destructive action of fine hard particles. Loose grit passes under a pair of leather clad brass wheels, and serves as theabradant. The resulting rolling action of the particles contributes to the physical breakdown of materials. Instrument evenly distributes grit particles. Positioned over a Taber Rotary Abraser, this freestanding unit deposits aluminum oxide grit particles uniformly and continuously, at a specified rate. After passing under the leather wheels, usedgrit and any abraded material is removed by the Abraser vacuumsystem. Two models offer simple set up. Mounted off the left side of the Abraser, Model 155 utilizes an alignment guide screw to set the position of the instrument. Grit distributor and vacuum removal nozzle heights are adjusted usinga thumbscrew. An alignment block is incorporated into the base of Model 255, to ensure the correct location of the grit feeder in relation to the Abraser. With the ability to mount on either the right or left hand side, two instruments can be used in conjunction with Tabers Dual Rotary Abraser. A telescoping feature allows precise height adjustments, and permits testing of thicker specimens, up to 50 mm (2 inches). > Grit Feeder Model 155 shown with Taber Rotary Abraser (not included) size="-1">

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Available in Two Models: Model 155Hopper capacity, approx. 1,300 gramsModel 255Hopper capacity, approx. 14,500 grams Mounts to left or right side Adjustable height Grit Feeder Includes: Leather Wheel Set (S-39)Standardization Plates (S-38) #240 Aluminum Oxide (S-41) Alignment Guide and Mounting Hardware Standard Features: Plugs into accessory receptacle on rear of Taber AbraserAdjustable feed rate Alignment guide Optional Accessories: Standardization Plates (S-38)#240 Aluminum Oxide Abradant, 22.5 kg container (S-41) U.S. Standard #80 Sieve (S-40) Replacement Leather Wheels (S-39) Rimmed Specimen...

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