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Falling Sand Abrasion Tester
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Falling Sand Tester 820 Surface Abrasion Testing Simple and effective means to evaluate abrasion resistance This widely used method of abrasion testing has been employed for over 70 years to evaluate coatings applied to a plane rigid surface, such as a metal or glass panel. Described in internationally recognized test standards such as ASTM D968, this apparatus is normally used for testing paint, varnish, lacquer and other organic coatings. Abrasion Resistance is expressed in terms of the volume of abrasive required to wear through a unit thickness of the coating. Proven design built for durability Standardized abrasive particles placed in a reservoir are released and guided by a straight, smooth bore tube to impinge on a specimen fixed under the guide tube at a 45° angle. A sturdy base and support system hold the apparatus in a vertical position. The specimen receptacle includes an opening so used abrasive particles can be collected. Choice of abrading sands Standardized natural silica sand, commonly referred to as Ottawa sand, along with silicon carbide grain are popular abradants for this apparatus. Silica sand has been characterized by its roundness of grains and produces a slower rate of abrasion compared to silicon carbide. However, for certain coatings, the silica sand may provide greater discrimination. Note: Due to the quantity of abrasive required, this instrument may not be suitable for extremely durable coatings.

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Falling Sand Tester 820 Surface Abrasion Testing Standard Features: 8” diameter sand reservoir with 60° funnel 36” guide tube Specimen receptacle with removable viewing window 45° angled specimen holder Specimen receptacle collar with built in “pivot / stop” 1” brass set-up gauge Rigid base and vertical support system Sand Container/Funnel Optional Accessories (sold separately): Ottawa silica sand (50 lb. bag) Silicon carbide sand (50 lb. bag) Abrasive Flow Gate Guide Tube Vertical Support Post Viewing Window Base with Leveling Feet Send us your material for a product demonstration 455 Bryant...

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