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Catalogue excerpts

New Castle, DE USA Lindon, UT USA Saugus, MA USA Hüllhorst, Germany Shanghai, China Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan Seoul, South Korea Taipei, Taiwan Bangalore, India Sydney, Australia Guangzhou, China Eschborn, Germany Wetzlar, Germany Brussels, Belgium Etten-Leur, Netherlands Paris, France Elstree, United Kingdom Barcelona, Spain Milano, Italy Warsaw, Poland Prague, Czech Republic Sollentuna, Sweden Copenhagen, Denmark Chicago, IL USA São Paulo, Brazil Mexico City, Mexico Montreal, Canada

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LaserComp Thermal Conductivity Thermal conductivity measures the ability of a material to transfer heat. Exact measurements of this material property are essential for understanding and optimizing energy efficiency and predicting thermal performance of materials in a wide range of industries including construction, electronics, aerospace, automotive, and many more. TA Instruments proudly presents a line of cutting-edge instruments for the direct measurement of heat flow of low to medium conductivity materials: the LaserComp FOX series of heat flow meters and guarded hot plate. The FOX Series provides...

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Heat flow meter LaserComp Heat Flow Meters FOX instruments utilize a steady state technique for the determination of thermal conductivity. The Heat Flow Meter Method, designed specifically for insulating materials, is defined by international standards ASTM C518, ISO 8301, and DIN EN 12667. This cost-effective and practical method is widely recognized and preferred by industry professionals throughout the world for its speed, simplicity, and accuracy. In a heat flow meter, a specimen is positioned between two temperaturecontrolled plates. These plates establish a user-defined temperature difference...

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Stepper Motors with Optical Encoders Upper Heat Sink Solid State (Peltier) Elements Upper Isothermal Plate (TU) Upper Transducer (QU) Lower Transducer (QL) Lower Isothermal Plate (TL) Solid State (Peltier) Elements Lower Heat Sink Heat Flow Meter

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FOX Series Heat Flow Meters An Instrument for Every Application The most meaningful thermal conductivity measurements are performed on samples with dimensions representative of real world conditions. These dimensions, such as sample thickness to width ratio, are requirements often outlined by international standards. Four models of the FOX Series Heat Flow Meters accommodate the widest range of sample dimensions. Each instrument has the flexibility to test samples with smaller dimensions and oversized samples can be tested in the open-door configuration without sacrificing measurement precision...

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Maximum Sample Thickness Square Sample Width Temperature Range Temperature Resolution Accuracy Reproducibility Thermal Conductivity Range[2] Available Configurations Automatic Sample Feeder Automatic Sample Feeder Rotational System Rotational System Proprietary Thin Film Heat Flux Transducer Guard materials may be used to test specimens that are less than the nominal width External Thermocouple Kit extends conductivity range to 2.5 W/m•

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Technology FOX Heat Flow Meter Linear Optical Encoders improve accuracy The accuracy of a thermal conductivity measurement is directly affected by the precision of the measurement of sample thickness. Unlike competitive units that rely on a single analog measurement of thickness, with limited accuracy, the FOX Heat Flow Meters feature optical encoders and stepper motors for independent position control and measurement at all four plate corners. This gives the system the ability to level the plates to conform to samples with non-parallel surfaces, improving thermal contact and providing a truly...

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LaserComp Heat Flux Transducer Advanced Heat Flux Measurement The Fox heat flux transducer delivers a true, undistorted measurement of the total heat flux, with durability over a long operating lifetime. The proprietary thin film design of the transducer (< 1 mm thick) is made from a continuous surface of sensing junctions that integrate evenly over the entire sensor area. A type-E thermocouple is bonded in the center of each transducer within 0.1 mm of the samples surface and sealed against moisture.The design provides for the most representative sample temperature and heat flow measurements,...

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System configurations FOX Heat Flow Meter FOX 304 with Linear Gradient Guard The FOX 304 is a specialized configuration of the FOX 314 that includes a Linear Gradient Guard. This provides an active thermal guarding system on all four sides of the plates, precluding distortions in results due to edge heat loss or gain when testing thick samples. This minimizes dependence of calibration factor on thickness, decreases the time to thermal equilibrium, and improves accuracy of tests for very thick samples. External Thermocouple Option Thermocouples are attached directly to the sample surfaces, eliminating...

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Measurement Under Vacuum Certain applications such as the design of vacuum insulation panels and the evaluation of blowing agents require operation under vacuum or controlled atmosphere. The FOX 200 Vacuum features sealed electronics, water lines, and motor shafts for operation within an evacuated chamber. The test chamber can also be back-filled with purge gas. The FOX 200 Vacuum allows the test environment to be evacuated while the plates remain open. The plates can then be closed according to a user-defined gap or Auto-Thickness protocol. When paired with a turbomolecular pump, vacuum as high...

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System configurations FOX Heat Flow Meter Automation Improve productivity with the Automatic Sample Feeder (ASF) available for all models. The ASF is mounted to the back of the instrument and is controlled directly by the WinTherm Instrument Control Software.  The ASF automatically loads and unloads up to 20 standard size samples (stack height 500 mm). Additional samples can be added while a test is in progress. Calibration Materials Standard materials may be purchased for verification test and re-calibration of all FOX Series Heat Flow Meters.  Expanded Polystyrene specimens tested and verified...

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