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SDT Q600
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Thermal cover:Layout 1 1/18/11 3:56 PM Page 3 New Castle, DE USA Lindon, UT USA Crawley, United Kingdom Shanghai, China Beijing, China Taipei, Taiwan Tokyo, Japan Seoul, Korea Bangalore, India Paris, France Eschborn, Germany Brussels, Belgium Etten-Leur, Netherlands Sollentuna, Sweden Milano, Italy Barcelona, Spain Melbourne, Australia Mexico City, Mexico

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SIMULTANEOUS TGA/DSC Providing high-quality, true differential simultaneous measurements

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The Q600 provides simultaneous measurement of weight change (TGA) and true differential heat flow (DSC) on the same sample from ambient to 1,500 ˚C. It features a field-proven horizontal dual beam design with automatic beam growth compensation, and the ability to analyze two TGA samples simultaneously. DSC heat flow data is dynamically normalized using the instantaneous sample weight at any given temperature. System Design Balance Design Sample Capacity Balance Sensitivity Furnace Type Temperature Range Heating Rate – Ambient to 1000 ˚C Heating Rate – Ambient to 1500 ˚C Furnace Cooling Thermocouples...

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Thermobalance The Q600 features a highly reliable horizontal dual-balance mechanism that supports precise TGA and DSC measurements. It delivers superiority in weight signal measurements (sensitivity, accuracy and precision) over what is available from single beam devices, since the dual beam design virtually eliminates beam growth and buoyancy contributions to the underlying signal. It also uniquely permits independent TGA measurements on two samples simultaneously. Photodiodes and Sensors Dual-Balance Mechanism If separation of closely related weight losses is required, the Q600 offers an automated...

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Heat of Fusion Instantaneous Weight (J/g) Heat of Fusion Initial Weight (J/g) This figure contains simultaneous DSC and TGA data to 1,300 ˚C for a soda ash sample. The TGA signal measures the dehydration and the onset of a higher temperature decomposition. The DSC signal reveals transitions associated with the dehydration, a polymorphic phase transition and the high temperature melt. The inset shows details about the phase transition. In the Q600, heat flow integrations are automatically normalized using the dynamic weight at the start of each transition. Simultaneous DSC/TGA Solid State and Melting...

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