Q2000 Differential Scanning Calorimeter Brochure - 18 Pages

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Q2000 Differential Scanning Calorimeter Brochure
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New Castle, DE USA Lindon, UT USA Pittsburgh, PA USA Elstree, United Kingdom Shanghai, China Beijing, China Taipei, Taiwan Tokyo, Japan Seoul, South Korea Bangalore, India Paris, France Eschborn, Germany Brussels, Belgium Etten-Leur, Netherlands Sollentuna, Sweden Milano, Italy Barcelona, Spain Melbourne, Australia Mexico City, Mexico

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Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Temperature Control Options 14 Simultaneous DSC/TGA Vapor Sorption Analysis VTI-SA+ Technology Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Deformation Modes & Sample Size Subambient Operation

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Differential Scanning Calorimetry Differential Scanning Calorimeters offering superior performance and unmatched flexibility for the widest range of applications

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DSC Q2000 SPECIFICATIONS Technologies Tzero® Technology Advanced MDSC® Available Direct Cp Measurement Included Platinum™ Software Included The Q2000 is a research-grade DSC with superior performance in baseline flatness, precision, sensitivity, and resolution. Advanced Tzero® technology and multiple exclusive hardware and software features make the Q2000 powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use. Modulated DSC® and a reliable 50-position autosampler are available as options. An additional high-value feature is Platinum™ software, which permits automatic scheduling of tests designed to keep the Q2000...

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DSC Q20 SPECIFICATIONS Hardware Features The Q20 (Q20, AQ20, Q20P) is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, general-purpose DSC module, with calorimetric performance superior to many competitive research-grade models. These are entry-level instruments not based on performance, but on available options. The Q20 is ideal for research, teaching, and quality control applications that require a rugged, reliable, basic DSC. The AQ20 is designed for unattended analysis of up to 50 samples in a sequential manner. The Q20 and AQ20 include dual digital mass flow controllers and are available with MDSC®. The Q20P...

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Tzero Thermocouple Furnace Tzero® Cell Design Cooling Rods & Ring The Tzero cell is designed for excellence in both heating and cooling. The heat flow sensor is machined for symmetry from a single piece of durable, thin wall, high response constantan and directly brazed to the silver heating block. Design benefits include faster signal response, flat and reproducible baselines, superior sensitivity and resolution, improved data precision, and unmatched ruggedness. The unique design features an array of nickel cooling rods that connect the silver furnace with the cooling ring. This design produces...

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Autosampler The patented* DSC autosampler is a powerful performance and productivity enhancer for the Q Series DSC modules. It provides reliable, unattended operation of the AQ2000 and AQ20 modules. Unique in its ability to exchange up to 5 reference pans as well as 50 sample pans, the Q Series autosampler enables laboratories to reliably analyze samples “around-the-clock” in sequential order. An optical sensor guides the sample arm, ensuring precise pan placement and automatic calibration of the system. Maximum productivity from the DSC autosampler is achieved when paired with our intelligent...

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Photocalorimeter The Photocalorimeter Accessory (PCA), for the Q2000 DSC, permits characterization of photocuring materials between -50 and 250°C. UV/Visible light (250-650 nm) from a 200 W high pressure mercury source is transmitted to the sample chamber via an extended range, dual-quartz light guide with neutral density or band pass filters. Tzero® technology permits direct measurement of light intensity at both the sample and reference positions. It also provides for simultaneous measurement of two samples. Pressure DSC The Q20P is a dedicated pressure DSC system that provides heat flow measurements...

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Temperature Control Options RCS40 Refrigerated Cooling Systems (RCS90 and RCS40) The RCS is frequently selected as the preferred cooling device by thermal analysts for trouble-free, unattended DSC and MDSC® operation over a broad temperature range. Because it is a sealed system requiring only electrical power, the RCS has advantages for operation in areas where other refrigerants are difficult or expensive to obtain. TA Instruments offers two complementary models: the RCS90 and the RCS40. Both use the same cooling head, which fits snugly over the Q Series™ DSC Cell and completely eliminates frosting...

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Temperature Control Options Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System Finned Air Cooling System The Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System (LNCS) provides the highest performance and greatest flexibility in cooling. It has the lowest operational temperature (to -180°C), greatest cooling rate capacity (to 140°C/min), and an upper temperature limit of 550°C. Typical LNCS controlled cooling rates are detailed in the table below. Ballistic cooling from 550°C to ambient is achieved in about 5 minutes. Its autofill capability allows the LNCS to be automatically refilled from a larger liquid nitrogen source for continuous...

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Tzero® Technology Provides: • Flat reproducible baselines with better than an order of magnitude improvement on competitive designs, especially in the subambient temperature range • Superior sensitivity due to flatter baselines and better signal-to-noise ratio • Best available resolution (better than power compensation devices) MDSC® Technology Provides: • Separation of complex transitions into more easily interpreted components • Increased sensitivity for detecting weak transitions and melts • Increased resolution without loss of sensitivity • Direct measurement of heat capacity • More accurate...

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Tzero® DSC Performance Applications 1.85 The figure to the right shows the excellent resolution inherent in the Tzero® heat flow signal. This pharmaceutical compound contains a series of polymorphic transitions. Note that each peak is easily resolved, while simultaneously maintaining sensitivity for the subtle glass transition at lower temperature (inset). Sensitivity (Polymer Tg) This figure shows a Q2000 high sensitivity glass transition (Tg) measurement, as a function of heating rate, for a very small (1 mg) sample of polypropylene, whose Tg is not easily measured by DSC due to its highly crystalline...

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