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Catalogue excerpts

Microcalorimetry: TAM IV & 48 TAM IV Microcalorimetry System TAM IV Technology Thermostat Features Temperature Control Modes Temperature Range Technology Dry Gas Envelope Calorimeters Heat Flow Measurements Calorimeter Sensitivity Nanocalorimeter Microcalorimeter Minicalorimeter Multicalorimeter Macrocalorimeter Precision Solution Calorimeter (SolCal) Sample Handling Static Ampoules Micro Reaction Systems Accessory Interface Micro Reaction Systems Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) Perfusion RH Perfusion Vacuum/Pressure Solution Calorimetry Battery Testing Applications Pharmaceutical Stability...

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TAM IV Microcalorimetry System All chemical, physical and biological processes are associated with a heat production or heat consumption. Conceived over 25 years ago as a Thermal Activity Monitor the fourth generation TAM is the most sensitive, stable and flexible microcalorimeter system in the world for directly measuring this universal heat signal and, therefore, the quantitative thermodynamic and kinetic observation of any process. It is a unique microcalorimeter system that is completely modular and combines the highest heat flow sensitivity with unmatched long term temperature stability for...

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SENSITIVE, STABLE AND FLEXIBLE It is completely modular and combines the highest heat flow sensitivity with unmatched long-term temperature stability to measure processes that are undetectable by other techniques. The TAM IV- 48 expands the TAM IV capabilities as a high-throughput microcalorimeter system that can be configured to accommodate up to 48 individual calorimeters. The power and flexibility of the TAM IV thermostat, coupled with the available calorimeters and accessories, creates a flexible, powerful analytical platform suitable for any laboratory and offers performance and sample throughput...

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PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL The TAM IV calorimeter system efficiently and accurately controls the set temperature for the thermostat with advanced hardware and electronics. Precise temperature control and unmatched calorimeter sensitivity ensure all measurements being made will have the best stability, signal-to-noise ratio and reproducibility, even for the most challenging applications. TAM IV Thermostat Features & Benefits: • An oil based liquid bath system for a continuously circulated heat sink medium that prevents any thermal event in the room environment from altering the constant Calorimeter...

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Temperature Control Features & Benefits: Isothemal: • Classical mode for microcalorimetric measurements Transitions of n-hexatriacontane • Thermostat is maintained at constant temperature while heat generated or absorbed by the sample is measured 1.5 • Both short term and long term experiments can be accurately performed with exceptional stability and reliability Step isothermal: • Identical signal stability and sensitivity is achieved as in conventional isothermal experiments. • Data recorded continuously for detecting temperature-dependent events during step temperature changes, as well as in...

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TAM IV TEMPERATURE RANGE TECHNOLOGY ACCURATE TEMPERATURE RANGE TAM IV High Efficiency Cooling System The TAM IV is designed for reliable operation at an extended temperature range of 4 °C to 150 °C. The expanded sub-ambient temperature range extends the application capability of the TAM IV to more accurately simulate low temperature conditions and accurately assess Arrhenius kinetics. Features & Benefits: • The TAM IV utilizes proven hardware and electronic controls to ensure stable and reliable operation from 4 °C to 150 °C High efficiency heat sink • User installable dry gas purge system ensures...

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The primary TAM IV calorimeters are heat flow calorimeters. All calorimeters are twin type calorimeters, consisting of a sample and a reference and measuring the heat flow difference between the two positions. All installed calorimeters can operate simultaneously and independently Feature & Benefits: • Enables experiment optimization based on - sample volume - absolute sensitivity - throughput - addition of external stimuli and complimentary measurements such as humidity, titration, electrical potential, atmospheric pressure, and more • Maximum sensitivity with the Nanocalorimeter and Microcalorimeter...

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Sample Size Absolute Sensitivity

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TAM IV CALORIMETERS WITH ACCESSIBLE REFERENCE Reference access tube Sample access tube The Nanocalorimeter and Microcalorimeter employ a user accessible reference and deliver the maximum in heat flow sensitivity. Heat flow measurements on these calorimeters are easily optimized by matching each specific sample condition with an appropriate reference material. The Nanocalorimeter is designed for up to 5 mL samples. The Microcalorimeter will accommodate larger samples and/or provide a larger gas phase above the sample. Nanocalorimeter Features & Benefits: • Achieves highest sensitivity with inert...

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Reference access tube Sample access tube Microcalorimeter Features & Benefits: • Designed for larger volume samples - accommodates 20 mL static ampoules in glass, stainless steel and Hastelloy • Compatible with 20mL micro reaction systems for • Uniquely designed for the TAM microsolution ampoule applications - Dissolution of very small amounts of solids in various solvents - Dissolution of slowly soluble substances - Heat of dissolution and kinetics of dissolution Sample location • Compatible with the 20 mL vacuum/pressure ampoule for simultaneous collection of heat flow and pressure data • Each...

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TAM IV CALORIMETERS WITH FIXED REFERENCE Sample access tube Minicalorimeters have a permanent reference and are designed to reduce the space occupied in the thermostat to increase sample throughput. An assembly of up to six minicalorimeters is designated as a multicalorimeter which occupies only one of the four calorimeter positions in the TAM IV thermostat. Sample side Minicalorimeter Features & Benefits: • Space saving over-under design allows high throughput calorimetry by Heat sink Heat flow detectors maximizing the number of calorimeters that can be used simultaneously • Permanently mounted...

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