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Catalogue excerpts

New Castle, DE USA Lindon, UT USA Pittsburgh, PA USA Elstree, United Kingdom Shanghai, China Beijing, China Taipei, Taiwan Tokyo, Japan Seoul, Korea Bangalore, India Paris, France Eschborn, Germany Brussels, Belgium Etten-Leur, Netherlands Sollentuna, Sweden Milano, Italy Barcelona, Spain Melbourne, Australia Mexico City, Mexico

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A NEW STANDARD IN THERMAL ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY The Discovery DSC Innovations Automation Performance Applications Specifications The Discovery TGA Innovations Automation Performance Applications Specifications Discovery Series User Interface

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he Discovery DSC represents the latest innovation from TA Instruments. Building on the Tzero® technology first pioneered in our Q Series™ instruments, the Discovery DSC introduces our innovative Diffusion-Bonded Sensor technology. This technology represents the future of temperature and heat flow measurements. The Discovery DSC provides unmatched precision, accuracy, industry-leading sensitivity and resolution. The result is a Differential Scanning Calorimeter which improves every aspect of DSC performance…

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THE DIFFUSION-BONDED SENSOR; THE FUTURE OF TEMPERATURE AND HEAT FLOW MEASUREMENTS TECHNOLOGY Diffusion bonding of metals is accomplished by placing two metal surfaces in contact at an elevated temperature and pressure. Over time, diffusion of the metals occurs at the atomic level, producing an intimate, continuous, high-quality bond. In the Discovery DSC, chromel and constantan are diffusion-bonded to produce the perfect thermocouple. In the resultant transducer structure, the diffusion bond is positioned just below the sample surface, in the perfect position. The measurement is less sensitive...

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INCLUDES MULTIPLE INNOVATIONS DESIGNED TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE AND STABILITY Uniblock Silver Furnace The Uniblock furnace is precisely machined from a single block of silver, providing temperature uniformity and ensuring thermal homogeneity. The result is reduced thermal gradients, increased ruggedness and improved measurement precision. Temperature Controlled Electronics The Discovery DSC cell processes the measured signals through an insulated conduit to state-of-theart temperature-controlled electronics, eliminating the adverse influence of temperature variation on the electronics which is...

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Reliable Automation TA’s proprietary autosampler technology* is a standard feature on every Discovery DSC. Fieldproven in thousands of laboratories, the reliable and easy-to-use autosampler enables customers to generate superior DSC data around the clock. Powerful new TRIOS software makes it easier than ever for users to manage the sample queue. The re-designed Discovery DSC autolid provides consistent and repeatable cell closure, providing effective thermal isolation for the sensor, and further improving measurement repeatability. DISCOVER RELIABLE AUTOMATION AND ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY

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TA Instruments invented Tzero® Technology, a fundamentally better way to measure heat flow. Tzero Technology provides the flattest baselines, and highest combined sensitivity and resolution of any DSC available. The Discovery DSC builds on this innovation, and through our latest advancements provides unmatched precision, repeatability and accuracy of heat flow and temperature measurements, while maintaining our industry-leading sensitivity and resolution. The result is a DSC which improves every aspect of DSC performance, and delivers meaningful and measurable benefits to the user. Baseline The...

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APPLICATIONS Sensitivity & Resolution There are countless ways to measure the sensitivity of a DSC, and test methods are often exploited to promote performance under a specific set of conditions. However, experienced thermal analysts know that the best DSC provides sensitivity under all experimental conditions. The Discovery DSC delivers the highest sensitivity for a diverse range of heat flow transitions, across a wide range of experimental scanning rates. This is accomplished through the combination of transducer innovations and our patented Tzero® technology which flattens the baseline, maximizes...

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DISCOVER EFFORTLESS REPEATABILITY IN HEAT FLOW MEASUREMENTS Figure A 22 mg Sapphire Disc, 20 ˚C/min. Many applications require not only the measurement of accurate heat flow, but also quantitative heat capacity. Heat capacity is the fundamental intrinsic property of a material which gives rise to heat exchange, and is an incredibly sensitive indicator of structural morphology in a sample. Historically, heat capacity measurements were performed using a three-run or step-iso method. In addition to the sample measurement, additional runs were necessary to account for baseline artifacts and non-linearity....

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Technical Specifications Specication Temperature Range Temperature Accuracy Temperature Precision Enthalpy Precision Instrument Features Value -180 – 725 °C ±0.025 °C ±0.005 °C Color Touchscreen User Interface ® Advanced Tzero Technology Advanced Modulated DSC Included Included Included User Replaceable Cell Heat Flow Noise (rms) Dual Input Gas Delivery Module Full Range of Cooling Accessories (RCS90, RCS40, LN2P, FACS, QCA) Measurement Time Constant Indium Response Ratio Optical Accessory Kit (Raman, NIR) Compatible with Q Series™ RCS Systems (RCS90 & RCS40) Compatible with Tzero® DSC Sample...

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DISCOVER POWERFUL THERMOGRAVIMETRIC TECHNOLOGY he Discovery TGA features our industry- IR-heated furnace, patented* Hi-Res TGA™, and an autosampler unmatched in flexibility and Module provides gas switching, and blending capabilities for the ultimate in atmospheric control. The Discovery User Interface simplifies interaction with the instrument, and provides for effortless control and monitoring of TGA experiments. The result is the ultimate in sensitivity, accuracy, resolution and temperature control… The New Discovery TGA *U.S. Patent No. 5,165,792 Canadian Patent No. 2,051,578 European Patent...

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INCLUDES MULTIPLE INNOVATIONS DESIGNED TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE IR Furnace Our unique furnace technology employs infrared heating providing the widest range of temperature and heating rates available. This patented design utilizes four symmetrically-placed halogen lamps with gold elliptical reflectors surrounding a SiC sample enclosure. IR radiation from the halogen lamps result in radiative heating of the SiC. Active water-cooling of the surrounding furnace body provides an efficient heat-sink and facilitates precise temperature and rate control. The Discovery TGA can be heated from 0.1 to 500°C/min...

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