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DHR Accessories
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New Castle, DE USA Lindon, UT USA Saugus, MA USA Hüllhorst, Germany Shanghai, China Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan Seoul, South Korea Taipei, Taiwan Bangalore, India Sydney, Australia Guangzhou, China Eschborn, Germany Wetzlar, Germany Brussels, Belgium Etten-Leur, Netherlands Paris, France Elstree, United Kingdom Barcelona, Spain Milano, Italy Warsaw, Poland Prague, Czech Republic Sollentuna, Sweden Copenhagen, Denmark Chicago, IL USA São Paulo, Brazil Mexico City, Mexico Montreal, Canada

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World's Most Versatile Platform for Rheological Measurements All DHR temperature systems and accessories are designed with superior performance and ease-of-use in mind. Only TA Instruments' DHR offers the convenience and versatility of Smart Swap™ geometries, temperature systems, and accessories. Smart Swap™ technologies provide fast and easy interchanging of accessories and automatic detection and configuration of the rheometerfor operation. Note: For more information see also the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer Brochure jrature Systems & Accessories id Plate for Peltier Plate 12 DHR Temperature Systems...

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Advanced Peltier Plate TEMPERATURE SYSTEM New Advanced Peltier Plate The new Advanced Peltier Plate combines ultimate flexibility with exceptional temperature performance in a single Peltier Plate temperature system designed to cover the widest range of applications. The unique Quick Change Plate system provides the ability to easily attach lower plates of different materials and surface finishes, disposable plates for testing curing materials, and an Immersion Cup for characterizing materials in a fluid environment. • Smart SwapTM technology • Wide temperature range: -40 °C to 200 °C • Accurate...

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Stepped Plate Sandblasted Plate Disposable Plate Quick Change Plates The Advanced Peltier Plate’s simple bayonet-style locking ring facilitates the effortless attachment of a wide range of different lower plate covers including hard-anodized aluminum, titanium and stainless steel plates with smooth, sandblasted or crosshatched surface finishes. Standard disposable aluminum plates expand the capabilities of the system to test curing materials using a single Peltier Plate. Immersion Cup The Advanced Peltier Plate’s Immersion Cup adds the capability of characterizing material properties when completely...

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Peltier Plate TEMPERATURE SYSTEMS Complete Peltier Plate Temperature Systems Over 20 years ago, TA Instruments first introduced Peltier Plate temperature control to rheometers. Since then, this core technology has been continuously developed and adapted to meet the expanding needs of our customers. With superior technology designed into five convenient Smart Swap™ models, we offer the highest performing, most versatile, and best accessorized Peltier Plate Temperature Systems available.

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Standard Parallel Plate Standard Peltier Plate The Standard Peltier Plate is the most common selection, offering an 80 mm diameter hardened surface to accommodate up to 60 mm upper plates for maximum sensitivity. Stepped Peltier Plate The Stepped Peltier Plate provides the convenience of interchanging plate diameters and surfaces up to 25 mm in diameter or for remote sample preparation. Stainless steel and Stepped Parallel Plate titanium plates are available in flat, sandblasted, and crosshatched finishes. Stepped Disposable Peltier Plate The Stepped Disposable Peltier Plate is ideal for thermoset...

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Peltier Plate TECHNOLOGY 80 mm Diameter Copper with Hardened Surface Peltier Heating Elements Peltier Technology Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) Advanced, Standard and Stepped Peltier Plates offer a temperature range of -40 °C* to 200 °C, heating rates up to 50 °C/min, and temperature accuracy of 0.1 °C. Four Peltier heating elements are placed directly in contact with a thin, 80 mm diameter, copper disc with an extremely rugged, hardened surface. A platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) is placed at the exact center, ensuring accurate temperature measurement and control. The unique design...

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Peltier Plate Temperature Steps over 220 °C Range 250 Widest continuous temperature range 200 Peltier temperature control devices require that they be connected to a heat sink, typically a circulating fluid medium such as water. Most Peltier systems have a continuous temperature range of approximately 100 °C for a single heat sink temperature. The unique design of the Advanced, Standard and Stepped Peltier Plate systems from TA Instruments extends the continuous range to 220 °C, as seen in data in the figure to the right. The Additional Temp Range Available with TA 100 TA Peltier Continuous Temp...

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Peltier Plate GEOMETRIES Smart Swap™ Peltier Plate Geometries An extensive range of TA Instruments unique Smart Swap™ geometries(1), with automatic recognition are available for use with Peltier Plates. Cones and plates come standard in a variety of sizes, cone angles and material types. Custom geometries of non-standard sizes, materials, and surface finishes (such as sandblasted or Teflon®-coated) are available upon request. (1) U.S. Patent # 6,952,950 Standard Geometry Dimensions Peltier Plate geometries are available in 8 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, and 60 mm diameters. Upper Cone geometries...

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Peltier Plate Standard Geometry Types Peltier Cone and Peltier Plate geometries are available in three basic types. They include geometries without solvent trap, geometries with insulating composite heat break, and With Solvent Trap With Solvent Trap and Composite heat break geometries with solvent trap. Heat break geometries are available in stainless steel only. Solvent trap geometries are designed for use with the solvent trap system discussed separately. The figure to the right shows a comparison of stainless steel 40 mm geometry types. Yield Stress Measurements on Toothpaste Eliminating Wall...

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Peltier Plate ACCESSORIES Water at 40 ˚C with and without Solvent Trap The Solvent Trap cover and Solvent Trap geometry work in concert to create a thermally stable vapor barrier, virtually eliminating any solvent loss during the experiment as shown in data for water at 40 ˚C to the right. The geometry includes a well that contains very low viscosity oil, or even the volatile solvent present in the sample. The Solvent Trap cover includes a blade that is placed into the solvent contained in the well without touching any other part of the upper geometry. The Solvent Trap sits directly on top of...

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