TAC-C Cast Iron AC Motors - 18 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Low Voltage Induction Motors Catalogue-2009/01 E TAC-C CAST IRON Frame Size 71->355 0,18-315 kW t-telectric.com

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Technical features TAC-C motors are designed and manufactured according to IEC34, IEC72, DIN42673, BS4999, AS1359, GB755, GB10069, and Q/JBQS27. High efficiency 1. 1 kW – 90 kW 2P and 4P, in S1 duty TAC-C motors are within the class 2 of CEMEP-EU standard, saving energy and operating costs. Bearings with high load capacity All motors are provided with deep-groove ball bearings, with long lifetime. Cast iron motor in sizes 71-250 are greased for life and those in sizes 280-355 have regreasable bearings as standard. Voltage ranges A wide range of voltages up to a max. of 690 V available for 50 Hz...

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In most cases the standard rated outputs of motors from T-T Electric are based on the tem- perature rise for insulation class B. Where the temperature rise is according to class F, this is specified in the data tables. However, all motors are designed with class F insulation, which permits a higher temperature rise than class B.The motors, therefore, have a generous overload margin. If temperature rise to class F is allowed, the outputs given in the ta- bles can generally be increased by about 12%. Temperature limits are according to standards. The extra thermal margin when using class F insulation...

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Motors wounded for a given voltage at 50 Hz can be used at 60 Hz without modification, considering recalculations factors here under.. The motors are normally fitted with single-row deep groove ball bearings as listed in the table below. Terminal boxes are mounted on top of the motor.The terminal box of motor sizes 71 to 132 can be turned 4 x Regreasable bearings available from size 160 (included) Bearing seals: radial seal up to frame size 225 (included) - axial seal from 90° and in motor sizes 160 to 355 rotated 2 x 180° degree. Protection of the standard terminal box is IP55.The motors are...

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Motors for EU efficiency levels T-T Electric have a motor range to meet or exceed the minimum efficiencies stated in the highest level of the EU agreement of These efficiency levels apply to 2- and 4-pole, three phase squirrel cage induction motors, rated for 400 V, 50 Hz, with SI duty class with the output 1.1 to 90 kW which account for the largest volume on the market. Three phase induction motors, 400 V 50 Hz - T-T Electric motor efficiency levels

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Typical efficiency values are given for part load in the table here under. Power factor values Typical power factor values for part load are given in the table above

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TAC-C cast iron motors basic design

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TAC-C cast iron motors basic design T-T Electric reserves the righ to change the design, technical specification and dimensions without prior notice.

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Name plate Mounting arrangements

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Founded over 100 years ago,T-T Electric is a world-class supplier of top-quality industrial electric motors and drives. Pioneers in the industry, we are an experienced and established manufacturer of a comprehensive and cost-effective range of highly reliable drive products.They are used around the world in the toughest of application environments and in all industrial segments. Driven by customer demand,T-T Electric is continually researching product excellence and manufacturing process perfection.The flexible product design ensures easy adaptations to customer requirements.This, combined with...

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