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LAK 2080-2132 DC Motors - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

LAK 2000 Serie 080-132 0.4 - 22 kW 0,3-30 HP 4-75Nm t-telectric.com DC Motors LAK 2080-2132 Catalogue-2009/10 E

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LAK 2080-2132 d.c. motors are fully laminated, 2 pole design. Output: 0.5-20 kW Torque: 4-75 Nm The LAK programme comprises: Type designation example - LAK 2112B: LAK = Type of motor 2 = Number of poles 112 = Centre height B = Core length Frame size 2080 2100 2112 2132 4 Introduction Basic design characteristics Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles. Low induced voltage due to well proportioned ratio between length and diameter of armature. Low bar to bar voltage ensures good commutation. Large thermal masses (copper and steel weight) give high thermal time constant. Well designed...

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Frame size LAK 2080 2100 2112 2132 Windings Shunt Series Compound Generator Mounting forms IM1001 Horizontal foot IM2001 Horizontal foot and flange IM1002 Horizontal foot, two shaft ends IM3001 Horizontal flange IM3601 Horizontal flange, tapped holes Cooling forms IC06 (IP23) Force ventilated IC17 (IP23) Single pipe ventilated IC01 (IP23) Self ventilated IC37 (IP54) Double pipe ventilated IC410 (IP54) Totally enclosed IC416 (IP54) Totally enclosed, fan cooled Protection IP55 Modifications and accessories Filter Thermistor Thermal relay Pressure switch Special shaft Oil seal, d-end Terminal box...

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Inertia J - kgm2 6 Mechanical data Frame LAK 2080A LAK 2080B LAK 2080C LAK 2100A LAK 2100B LAK 2100C LAK 2112A LAK 2112B LAK 2112C LAK 2132A LAK 2132B LAK 2132C Application data Standards IEC 34 – IEC 72 VDE 0530 – BS 4999 Insulation Class F Balance IEC 34-14 grade 'N'. Grade 'R' on request. Temperature rise Class F, 1050C by resistance. Overload capacity 1.6 x FLT for 15 seconds every 5 minutes. 2.0 x nom. armature current for 30 seconds every 15 minutes Terminal box position Standard: top mounting. Side-mounting on request. Blower position LAK 2080 and 2100: On either side of the motor. LAK...

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Armature voltage Other armature voltages, and motor data on request. Ambient temperature and altitude Outputs in this catalogue are based on max. 40oC ambient temperature and max. 1000m a.s.l. If higher derate and select from the output lists. NEMA Motor data and dimensions on request (NEMA catalogue). IC01/410/416 Motor data on request. +100C 0.93 +200C 0.85 +150C 0.89 +50C 0.97 Temperature Cat. output 8 Output data Select motor frame size against voltage, output and speed. For intermediate output, take the nearest higher output listed under the next frame size. For intermediate speed take the...

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Founded over 100 years ago, T-T Electric is a world-class supplier of top-quality industrial electric motors and drives. Pioneers in the industry, we are an experienced and established manufacturer of a comprehensive and cost-effective range of highly reliable drive products. They are used around the world in the toughest of application environments and in all industrial segments. Driven by customer demand, T-T Electric is continually researching product excellence and manufacturing process perfection. The flexible product design ensures easy adaptations to customer requirements. This, combined...

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