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Catalogue excerpts

Basic design characteristics Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles. Compact square frame design. Easy installation of accessories. Large openings in end shields for easy inspection. Stator windings of varnish insulated copper wire. Laminated armature core of high grade insulated electroplate. Large number of cooling ducts in armature provide excellent cooling. Scrambled armature laminations for low torque ripples. Armature windings of varnished copper designed for low commutating stresses and high mechanical strength. Armature is impregnated to ensure high degree of heat transfer....

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Frame size DMP 112-2 112-4 132-2 132-4 160 180 Cooling forms IC06 (IP23) Force ventilated IC17 (IP23) Single pipe ventilated IC37 (IP54) Double pipe ventilated IC410 (IP54) Totally enclosed IC416 (IP54) Totally enclosed, fan cooled IC666 (IP54) Air-air cooled IC86W (IP54) Air-water cooled Other cooling forms available Protection IP55 Mounting forms IM1001 Horizontal foot IM1002 Horizontal foot, two shaft ends IM2001 Horizontal foot and flange IM2011 Vertical foot and flange Other mounting forms available Modifications and accessories Compound winding Pressure switch Temperature sensor, interpole...

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5 Application data Standards IEC 34 - IEC 72 etc. Insulation Class H Temperature rise Class F Balance IEC 34-14 grade 'N' standard. Grade 'R' on request. Overload capacity 180% xFLC for 15 sec. every 5 minutes 30 sec. every 30 minutes Terminal box Standard position: On right hand side (facing D-end). Mounting of terminal box on top or left hand side on request. DMP motors are delivered with a large terminal box IP55 including knockout openings: DMP 112 – 132 2 x Ø 28.5 (PG 21) 2 x Ø 20.5 (PG 13.5) Cable entry from Drive end. DMP 160 – 180 2 x Ø 55 (PG 42) 4 x Ø 28.5 (PG 21) Cable entry from above...

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7 Select motor frame size against voltage, output and speed. For intermediate output, take the nearest higher output listed under the next frame size. For intermediate speed take the next lower speed listed within the output required. The output lists are based on: • Cooling forms IC06/IC17/IC37/IC86W. • The armature circuit resistance listed is for duty warm condition. • The inductance listed is for the armature circuit. • Motor supply from 3-phase fully controlled thyristor. Constant power/constant torque The full field or base speed and maximum speed through field control with constant output...

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8 Technical data nmax n0 J Pf Uamax Uf Vcool Pr W(foot) W(flange) nmax Max mechanical speed n0 Min speed at constant torque J Moment of inertia Pf Excitation power Uamax Max rated voltage Uf Excitation voltage Vcool Cooling air flow Pr Static pressure drop (IC17, IC37) W(foot) Weight: foot mounting * W(flange) Weight: flange mounting * *excl. accessories Cat. Nr Ua (V): 400 420 440 470 520 550 P I T h n2 RA (115°C) LA (0Hz) FR 157… nb (min-1) (kW) (A) (Nm) (%) min-1 (Ù) (mH) nb Base speed Ua Armature voltage P Mechanical power I Armature current T Torque h Efficiency IEC n2 Max electrical speed...

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38 Ordering Fan blower The fan blower can be mounted on top or on either side, at the drive end or at the non-drive end. The location does not affect the output of the motor (except when specified in the tables). The fan can be delivered with a slotted cover, a filter or a flange for an air-duct. On request a pressure switch can be installed on the fan blower and the terminal box can be arranged in 42 different mounting combinations. Pos 25-42: Additional price for blower and terminal box mounted on same side.

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