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Catalogue excerpts

Innovation in motion Specialists in Rotating Machines

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A partnership that works, A partnership that spans across centuries Driven by customer demand T-T Electric is continually researching product excellence and manufacturing process perfection. The flexible product design ensures easy adaptation to the customers requirements. This, combined with unequalled short delivery times, make T-T Electric a reference within industry . World-class motor manufacturer Established in 1894 by Thomas B. Thrige, T-T Electric, formerly Thrige electric, is a world-class supplier of top-quality industrial dc motors, ac motors, and drives. Pioneers in the industry, we...

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In house design for absolute quality All T-T Electric design work is carried out in-house and the manufacture follows our stringent quality control procedures. This enables us to supply the most reliable and long lasting of products. Our present DC motor range, for example, has been designed to significantly improve commutation, with reduced brush wear as a result. A partnership that lasts. Always in motion with innovative solutions T-T Electric is committed to a working partnership with our customers. For mutual benefit, we focus on complete and innovative solutions together. Working for industry...

 Open the catalogue to page 3 DC motors A full range of high quality DC motors n Centre heights from 80 to 900 mm n Output from 1 to 2000 kW n IEC, VDE, BS, NEMA, CSA standards n All cooling forms n All mountings and designs The modular design of our popular DC motor range offers a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the driven machine, and to fit into a restricted space. Our Drop-In solution permits adaptation of footprint, shaft extension and flanges to match dimensions of almost all DC motors in the market, our own range as well as others, new and old. This, in combination with our short and reliable...

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AC Square motors A full range of AC Square Motors – AMP n Squirrel-cage rotor n Center heights from 112-355 n Output up to 1000 kW at 1500 min-1 n IP23 IC06 or IP54/55 IC416 (radial or axial ventilation) n Insulation class H n High overload capability n Winding adapted to required base speed n High operation speed range up to 8000 min-1 T-T Electrical can propose a complete solution AMP with AC Drives on request. T-T Electric proposes a series of square frame ac motors for variable speed applications with flux vector control. This asynchronous motor has been developed and designed to achieve the...

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AC motors TAC-C motors n Cast Iron frame n Center heights from 71 to 450 mm n Output from 0,18 to 1000kW n 2, 4, 6, 8 10 and 12 pole motors n All commonly used voltages n 50 or 60 Hz n IP55 and higher T-T Electric proposes two series of three phase ac motors. The TAC-A series are in aluminium frame sizes 56 up to 132 and from 0.09 up to 11 kW. The TAC-C series are in cast-iron frame sizes 71 up to 450 and from 0.18 up to 1000 kW. They are designed and manufactured according to international standards. We hold on stock a large number of these references for immediate delivery to our customers....

 Open the catalogue to page 6 Maintenance and repair All types of electrical rotating machines With over 35 years of experience in maintenance and repairs of electro-mechanical rotating machines we offer our customers a wide range of solutions and services whatever, the type of machine or the type of intervention required. Our facilities – we can repair all type of motors : n With output from 0,1 up to 15000kW n Weight up to 25 tons n Tested up to 6kV n AC, DC, LV/HV n ATEX Certified Workshop Services n Overhaul n Repair n Modification n Rewinding of AC and DC, LV/HV n Repair of commutators and slip rings motors...

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