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Catalogue excerpts

general catalogue LINEAR RAIL RANGE

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The writing of this catalogue was done with diligence, but it does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. We also reserve the right to make technical changes, recommend that you verify the update of the information here confronted with our engineering department. The reproduction of this catalogue is permitted only after our approval. Product Safety The products must be used following the instructions below. Given the variety of applications where the product can be used we are not able to assess whether a malfunction can cause damage to property or persons. The designer and the buyer...

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T RACE T RACE is a young and dynamic company, specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of new and innovative linear guides and telescopic slides. Although a newly established society, T RACE is composed of highly qualified people with comprehensive experience in the field of linear motion. T RACE has its own facilities in Italy and Germany, and a network of distributors in all major industrialized countries in the world, to ensure the presence of its products internationally. T RACE has the honour to present this new catalogue, in which the range of products has been further expanded with...

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LINEAR RAIL RANGE Linear Roller system Linear roller-slides selfalignment with high performance. DOUBLE row ball-bearings Rail series MR Slider series RV, RA, RP, RF RVT,RAT,RPT,RFT RVS, RAS, RPS, RFS / RVSX, RASX, RPSX Linear roller-slides standard system with single Row ball-bearings Rail series ML Slider series RL, RLS Pag. 16 Linear roller-slides rolled steel rails with roller-sliders Rail series LAZ, LAX Slider series PAZ, PAX Pag. 20 CURVE RAILS ROLLER system Customized curve rails with roller sliders Rails series BCS Sliders series RBS Pag. 29 FLEXIBLE RAIL RANGE flexible linear roller...

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ROLLER TELESCOPIC slides Telescopic slides with double row ball-bearings Series TLR, TLRX Telescopic slides with variable stroke, and double row ball-bearings Series TLQ, TLQX Pag. 50 Telescopic slides with ball-bearings, INOX (s/s) version also Series TLAZ, TLAX Pag. 53 Telescopic slides with variable stroke, and ball-bearings, INOX (s/s) version also Series TQAZ, TQAX Pag. 54 BALL-CAGE TELESCOPIC SLIDES Telescopic slides with ball-cage Series TLS, TLSX Pag. 58 Compact telescopic slides with ball-cage. Series TSQ, TSQX TSQR, TSQRX Pag. 62/64 Telescopic slides with ball-cage, syncronized version...

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LINEAR RAIL RANGE Linear Roller system T RACE’s range of linear bearings are setting new standards due to its innovative design and technical concepts. The family MONORACE, based on different C-shaped rails with a wide range of sliders, is offering unique linear solutions for all kinds of automation applications for many industries. T RACE’s system with roller sliders and internal raceways, offer the markets highest performing system, along with being size wise the most compact system. The rails series MR – ML are high precision cold-drawn profiles, made from a specific Casehardening steel alloy,...

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Monorace RANGE MR rails with R. series sliders. MR rails with R.T series sliders. MR rails with R.S series sliders. ML rails with R.S series sliders. ML rails with RL series sliders. LA rails with PA. series sliders.

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LINEAR RAIL RANGE Linear Roller System with MR rail and R, R.T, R.S sliders The MR Series Linear Rail System consists of a C-section steel rail with internal convex raceways, where robust double row ball bearing rollers travel. The high precision rollers are lubricated for life and protected with 2RS seals. Sliders are available with three or five rollers, including eccentrics to adjust the bearing preload. Both ends of the sliders are equipped with polyamide wipers to remove debris from the raceway and grease impregnated felt wipers to lubricate the raceways for long life with minimal maintenance....

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Sliders are available with either 3 or 5 rollers. For the 3 roller version, the first and third roller are fixed, concentric rollers that run on the same raceway. The second roller is eccentric and runs on the opposite raceway. The eccentric feature is used to adjust the slider preload in the rail. For the 5 roller version, the two lateral and the central roller are fixed, and run on the same raceway. The second and fourth roller are eccentric and run on the opposite raceway. The eccentric feature is used to adjust the slider preload in the rail. Because one raceway contacts more rollers than...

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MR rails LINEAR RAIL RANGE (Example od order code: MR28L - 640) * Special flat-head TORX screws supplied with rails. Tightening Torque TECHNICAL DATA MR Series Rails are made in 3 sizes 18mm, 28mm and 43mm with two types of mounting holes: MR .. L with counterbored mounting holes for special low head TORX mounting screws that are provided with the rail. MR .. S with countersunk mounting holes for UNI-standard ISO5933 fasteners. The rail has a “C” shaped cross-section with interior, convex raceways. The convex raceways are polished for smooth, low noise motion. The interior raceways are protected...

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3 Rollers slider for R. series D C RV Guiding slider dimensions Rail type 5 Rollers slider for R. series RA series – Rotating slider Series (+/-) a° RP series – Floating slider RF series – Extra floating slider

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R.T sliders for MR rails LINEAR RAIL RANGE RVT Guiding slider dimensions Sliders of series RVT, RAT, RPT , RFT, provide fixing holes parallel to the preferable radial load direction. As the slider body protrudes from rail level, the moving part can be resting on top of the linear system, while being fixed from above with threaded holes or from below with through passing holes. Threaded holes for top mounting Passing holes for bottom mounting, screw UNI 5931 Slider type Tipo vite The A and B versions differ only in the arrangement of the rollers providing maximum radial load capacity either toward...

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3 Rollers slider for R.T series - Version A Example of order code. RVT28-3B: Guiding slider with 3 roller, version B

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