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The Vacu Bake? Vacuum/Inert Gas Ovens - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The Vacu-Bake™ Vacuum/Inert Gas Oven It’s versatile, yet still economical. The TM Vacuum Vacu-Bake Oven Series offers a high-quality and versatile vacuum oven at an economical price. With temperature capabilities ranging from ambient to 600°C, and capable of incorporating any degree of vacuum environment from atmosphere to 10-8 torr, the Vacu-Bake oven offers a wealth of possibilities. Above: The Vacu-Bake™ H-3004 with optional multiple shelves The Vacu-Bake oven chamber is a "hot wall" design, which allows full utilization of the inside of the vacuum chamber, maximizing the load capacity. With up to a 4" thick, hightemperature insulation with reflective shield surrounding its heater bank, the oven maintains a stable processing temperature inside the chamber at all times. The Vacu-Bake series vacuum oven offers standard electro-pneumatic inert gas fill and vent valves allowing for various types of part processing using a gas back-filled environment. The TM Vacuum Vacu-Bake Oven Series comes standard with an automation control package that includes a touch screen, graphic HMI, and data logging, so you can simply load the oven and press the start button! With many options available such as gas stirring fans, quick cool, alternate pumping packages and HMI control systems, the Vacu-Bake makes it simple for you to control your process and its cost! Above: The Vacu-Bake™ H-3004 with stirring fan option. Left: The Vacu-Bake’s Automatic Control Package HIGH-TEMPERATURE | HIGH-VACUUM SYSTEMS 630 South Warrington Street

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Temperature Capabilities 4 series 6 series Standard electro-pneumatic inert gas inlet and vent valve for gas processing applications such as backfill and venting Time to temperature*: 25 minutes under vacuum Available: .5 to 5 hp stirring fan for more rapid heating and cooling Vacuum Pumping System Closed-loop, multi-channel upstream gas flow control with down stream pressure control 23.3 cfm two-stage mechanical pump (42.2cfm on 48 x 48" chamber) Available: - Upgraded pumping systems – Mechanical, dry, diffusion, cryogenic, and turbo-molecular - Molecular Sieve or Mechanically refrigerated, opticallydense,...

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