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Performer Series ? Vacuum Furnace System - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Performer Series™ Vacuum Furnace System Performance Beyond your Expectations. For the greatest load capacity with the tightest tolerances the T-M Vacuum Performer Series high temperature, high vacuum furnace system will satisfy all of your heat treating requirements. The Performer’s vast twelve cubic foot all stainless steel chamber allows you to braze, temper, harden, stress relieve, austeitize, anneal, sinter, bond and perform many other custom heat treating processes on the largest of loads. With our three-zone heat control and electropneumatically operated “heat pack” door shield assembly, a precision heating environment is created for perfect temperature uniformity. Above: The Performer Series 24/36-13 Equipped with our specially designed pumping system, the Performer vacuum furnace reaches high vacuum quicker, maximizing your productivity and quality with a cleaner work zone. With its inert gas on board quick cool system the metallurgical gas quench increases your cycle times by rapidly cooling the chamber and increasing your product output. Configured with our controlled cooling package the Performer vacuum furnace system can produce a controlled cooling environment as precise as you need. The Performer can also be configured to accept multiple inert process gases. The Performer Series Vacuum Furnace is a cost cutting machine. With its “E” control system utilizing full PC, PLC and HMI software, it is a completely automated control and data acquisition system requiring an operator to simply load and unload the chamber and press the start button. The Performer Series Vacuum furnace is completely contained unit. This saves you valuable floor space and is a clean presentation in your facility. The Performer also allows for simple and fast maintenance with its fully removable hot zone. If the Performer Series work zone is not large enough for your application see our Heat Treat Series Vacuum Furnace System. Above: The Performer Series 24" W x 24" H x 36"D all Molybdenum Hot Zone Left: Full PC control system HIGH-TEMPERATURE | HIGH-VACUUM SYSTEMS 630 South Warrington Street

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series series series series series Operating Pressure Range s SCR Power Supply regulation 3-zone heat control with independent PID loop control Capable of pressures between atmosphere and 2 bar (for quick cool use) Working pressure at maximum temperature: high-vacuum to 1 torr (higher pressures at temperature available) High-vacuum to 2 bar (higher pressures available) Molybdenum hearth assembly is 24" W x 36" or 48"D 700 cfm mechanical pump booster blower Complete hot zone is easily removable as a unit for fast maintenance and less down time 150 cfm mechanical roughing & backing pump Heat shielding...

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