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Pacer Series ? Vacuum Furnace System - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Pacer Series™ Vacuum Furnace System It sets the pace for high productivity. If greater size and load capacity are what you need, the T-M Vacuum Pacer Series high-temperature, high-vacuum furnace system will satisfy your heat-treating requirements. The Pacer’s oversized all stainless steel chamber allows you to temper, harden, stress relieve, austenitize, anneal, sinter, bond, braze, and perform many other custom processes on large loads. With many standard features such as our three-zone heat control and electro-pneumatically operated “heat pack” door shield assembly, a precision heating environment is created that can attain a consistent temperature uniformity of < ± 5˚C. Above: The Pacer 18/30-13 with computer control package Equipped with a unique high-speed pumping system, the Pacer furnace quickly reaches high-vacuum for maximum processing time. Even cool downs are fast and efficient, as the Pacer comes standard with a 25 HP on board inert gas Quick Cool System, in order to rapidly, yet precisely cool the chamber and ready it for the next load. The Pacer’s automatic control system requires no operator to monitor the process. The furnace is a fully contained unit with no exposed wires, cables, or pumps, allowing for quick and easy installation in your facility. The Pacer is assembled when it reaches your plant, and attaching basic utilities is all that is necessary. With a removable hot zone, the minimal maintenance is simple and fast. For furnaces with up to 24" x 24" x 48" work zones, ask about our Performer and Heat Treat Series. Above: The Pacers 18” x 18” x 30” all Molybdenum Hot Zone Left: Full PC control system HIGH-TEMPERATURE | HIGH-VACUUM SYSTEMS 630 South Warrington Street

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series series series series series Operating Pressure Range High-vacuum to 2 bar (higher pressures available) Working pressure at maximum temperature: high-vacuum to 1 torr (higher pressures available) Capable of pressures between atmosphere and 2 bar (for quick cool use) Solid State Power Supply regulation 3-zone heat control with independent PID loop control Usable work zone 18" W x 18" H x 30" D (36" D available) Vacuum Pumping System Usable work zone volume of 5.63 cubic feet Work load capacity 500 lbs (high capacity available) Standard pump down time* To 0.1 Torr 8 minutes 20.5 min 10-5 Torr...

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