Conveyors and conveyor systems - 20 Pages

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Conveyors and conveyor systems
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Catalogue excerpts

T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim transport

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Dear customers, you have received the catalogue of products and services offered by our company. We are ready to meet your requirements and wishes in the demanding field of transport and handling equipment. Establishment and current activites of the company During the first years after the establishment in 1991 the activities of our company were mainly connected with designing and construction of machines and equipment for transport of loose and lump materials. The final realization was ensured by external manufacturing capacities. In subsequent years the original ideas concerning the development...

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Main fields of activities Design T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim is a supplier of transport and handling equipment for various economic branches: This concerns, above all, industries as follows: Major part of deliveries is realized in the fields as follows: Transport equipment and systems include: and pharmaceutical l wood-processing l electro-engineering l power production l rubber and plastics l metallurgical l inter-operational transport l paper making l food l recycling and waste use l engineering l extraction and processing of raw materials l manufacture of glass and china l manufacture of construction...

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T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim has gained the quality control certificate in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard for the field of ..Development, Design, Construction, Manufacture, Assembly, Sales and Services of Machines and Equipment for Transport and Handling Equipment as well as Hoist Devices, Engineering and Deliveries of Investment Units" issued by the Certification authority No. 3016 within „The Czech Ship and Industrial Register". T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim is also a holder of „The Great Certificate of Competencies" authorizing the company to carry out steel structures within the first...

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Planning and designing workplaces – mechanical part In T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim about 40 employees are engaged in planning and designing activities. High productivity of construction work and competitiveness of products as well as design are supported by the application of progressive CAD technologies. Our designing offices are equipped with a great number of workplaces using various software programs for designing in 3D-Pro/ENGINEER by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). This constructional system is one of the most frequently used 3D CAD’s in the Czech Republic as well as in the world....

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Conveyors for transport of loose materials „Heavy“ belt and special conveyors „Heavy“ belt conveyors are designed for transportation of large volumes of loose materials with various grain sizes and temperatures up to 200 °C, however they can be used for transport of lump loads as well. Special belt conveyors with a closed belt (“pipe”) can transport material in a dust-free way with the possibility of horizontal and vertical arches. Their transport line respects configuration of terrain as well as built-up area. Reverse belt conveyor for clinker. Tyres transported by a flat belt conveyor. Belt...

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Worm conveyors are designed for transportation of non-sticking loose materials (cereals, legumes, sugar, flour, cement, lime, gypsum, ashes,...). According to their installation the worm conveyors can be divided into horizontal, sloping and steep, pipe or trough ones with or without axis. Among their advantages there is a simple design and dust-tightness. The transport systems with worm conveyors are sometimes completed with regulating and dosing parts or with other operating systems – central lubrication, exhaust connection,... Filling worm conveyors. Dosing worm conveyors. Bucket elevators Bucket...

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Conveyors for transport of lump loads Roller lines Transporting roller lines are supplied in many versions as driven, non-driven, direct ones, turning units, transfer tables, turning and lifting sections, transfer carriages,... Roller line with a combined tilting device for AL coils and with a roller turning unit. Lifting equipment for vertical transport of EURO pallets with subsequent roller conveyors and accessories (sliding fire doors for separation of the first and the second floor, a pair of fast-moving gates, outline control, safety fencing,...). Roller lines and transfer carriages for transportation...

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Chain and belt conveyors R Chain conveyors can be designed with two, three or more chains and they serve for transportation of lump materials in a horizontal direction. Pallets or technological support plates with transported material may lay directly on chains or on cross bars connected firmly with the chain carriers. Combined with roller modules the chain (belt) sections work as roller-chain (belt) reloading units. Roller-chain reloading unit. It is inserted in transport systems in places where the perpendicular connection of linked lines is required without any change of transported load orientation....

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Roller and wheel conveyors R Roller conveyors for transportation of lump objects are simple devices whose construction s particularly worked-out. The basic parameters of conveyors (width, height, roller pitch,...) always depend on the size, shape and quantity of transported objects. Packaging section of dispatching line. Transport system in a distribution center. Dispensing and assembly lines for lump packets – a packaging section. Lines for identification and check of products as well as for assembly, packaging and dispatch of lump packets.

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The roller conveyors often form together with delivered accessories the basic part of bigger lines (production, packaging ones,...) or transport systems. Among accessories for roller conveyors there are following parts: controlled or uncontrolled stops, distributing and combining modules, transfer tables, stackers, scaling systems etc. The complex solutions include also packaging machines, robots etc. An essential condition for the correct function of the whole facility is a reliable identification and efficient control system. Container with transport baskets within the production line for compressors....

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