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Reception, transport and dosing of alternative fuel

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Reception, transport and dosing of alternative fuel Incineration of alternative fuels in cement works and power stations presents an efcient way of utilization and disposal of dangerous waste. Besides the environmental aspect there is inconsiderable economic gain for a plant operator which results from replacement of traditional fuels by alternative ones. Raw materials for alternative fuel preparation are select kinds of waste: eliminated tyres, sorted plastics, bone-dust or contaminated soil. These wastes represent a great ecological impact and their safe disposal in any other way can be very...

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4. Four-screw conveyor of the reception station. 5. Reception station for semi-trailers with walking floor and the chain conveyor. The reception station consists of a sheet-box and a four-screw conveyor. Material is poured out from the semi-trailer to the four-screw conveyor and further to the chain conveyor. Two stands. 6. Reception station for containers and the chain conveyor. One stand. 7. Reception station for containers with crushed rubber and the travelling chain conveyor with a rubber belt. The reception station consists of a platform with a dumping frame. Crushed rubber pours from the...

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8. Store of containers with alternative fuels and the travelling car with a dumping frame. Representative references: Cement Hranice, a.s. Hranice, CZ Dyckerhoff Zement GmbH, Wiesbaden, D SCHENCK s.r.o., Praha, CZ Českomoravské vápno s.r.o., Mokrá, CZ Tovární 290, 537 01 Chrudim Czech Republic Českomoravský cement, a.s. – cement plant Mokrá, CZ Českomoravský cement, a.s. – cement plant Radotín, CZ Východoslovenské stavebné hmoty, a.s., Cementáreň Turňa nad Bodvou, SK Povážská cementáreň, a.s. Ladce, SK Holcim (Česko), a.s. Prachovice, CZ This brochure is co-funded by European Regional Development...

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