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PG Bore Gaging System
PG-800E Precision Bore Gage
PG-400E Setting Fixture
Diameter Range: 9,4 mm – 38,1 mm {.370" – 1.500"}
Diameter Range: 2,29 mm – 38,3 mm {.090" – 1.500"}
Direct reading scale with
,13 mm (.005") range divided into
increments of ,001 mm (.00005").
Overall size range is divided into two
subranges 9,4 mm-19,05 mm
(.370"-.750") and 19,05 mm-38,1 mm
(.750"-1.500"). Replaceable carbide
gage points which can be rotated
for long life. Size range can be
increased to 74,3 mm (2.9") by
ordering PG-250 Extension Finger
Order PG-800EM for metric
Dimensions: 267 x 197 x 213 mm
(10-1/2" H x 7-3/4" W x 8-3/8" D)
Gaging Depth:
Small Side - 24,6 mm (.968")
Large Side - 42,06 mm (1.656")
With PG-250 - 41,27 mm (1.625")
Weight: 9,2 kg (20.25 lbs.)
This Setting Fixture is used to set the PGE-3000, PG-800, PG-810,
PG-700 and PG-710 Precision Bore Gages. Dimensional accuracy is
guaranteed to be within ± ,0006 mm (.000025") of nominal reading over
the entire range of the instrument. Comes in a carrying case with a
master calibrating ring traceable to the Bureau of Standards.
Order PG-400EM for metric applications.
Weight: 3 kg (6.75 lbs.) (with carrying case and accessories)
(Not pictured-similar to PG-400)
Diameter Range: 37,7 mm – 74,3 mm {1.500" – 2.900"}
PG-810E Precision Bore Gage
Identical to PG-800 except direct reading scale is ,24 mm (.010") wide
and divided into increments of ,0025 mm (.0001"). Order PG-810EM for
metric applications.
PG-250E Extension Finger Set
Used with the PG-800 and PG-810
Precision Bore Gages. Extends the
PG-800/PG-810 measuring range from
38,1 mm (1.500") to over 74,3 mm
(2.900") diameter. Consists of two pairs
of carbide extension points which mount
onto the fingers of the PG-800/PG-810.
Mounting screws are permanently
attached to extension points to avoid
their loss.
PG-500E Setting Fixture
Similar to PG-400, except for higher range. Used to set PG-800 or PG-810
Precision Bore Gage when equipped with PG-250 Extension Fingers.
Comes in a carrying case with a master calibrating ring traceable to the
Bureau of Standards. Includes PG-2090 Auxiliary Faceplate.
Order PG-500EM for metric applications.
Weight: 4,3 kg (9.5 lbs.) (with carrying case and accessories)
PGE-500 Setting Fixture
Identical to PG-500E Setting Fixture. Use to set PGE-3000 Precision
Bore Gage when equipped with PGE-250 Extension Fingers. Includes
PGE-3167 Auxiliary Faceplate.
Order PGE-500EM for metric applications.
PG-810-Z08X Precision Bore Gage
Diameter Range: 76,2 mm – 114,3 mm {3.0" – 4.5"}
Sunnen PG-700, PG-800 Series Gages, Setting Fixtures, and
PG-250 Extension Fingers are also available on a unique
lease plan. Leasing the Sunnen bore gaging system includes
maintenance and updating by Sunnen. Contact KS & C Industries
1-800-247-7098 for complete leasing information.
Note: This program is not available outside of the United States.
Available for purchase only.PG-810-Z08X is similar
to the PG-810 Precision Bore
Diameters 76,2 mm95,25 mm (3.0’’-3.750")
are measured
on one side.
Diameters 95,25
mm-114,3 mm (3.750"4.5") are measured on
the opposite side.
Dimensions: 267 x 197 x
222 mm
(10-1/2" H x 7-3/4" W x
8 -3/4" D)
Order PG-810M-Z08X for metric applications.
Weight: 9,54 kg (21 lbs.)

Precision Honing Supplies
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