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The wide view increases pjWtfMBl

the safety of work

In addition to the wide front view, the

down-right view is also made larger to

enhance the safety of work.

Anti-theft Alarm System

SUMITOMO'S unique anti-theft system

can be activated by your SUMITOMO

distributors at the time of purchase.

Anti-theft alarm system

Safety Equipment in case

of an Emergency

Emergency stop switch

New Gate Lock Lever and

Console Tilt-up Function

The console tilt-up function permits

easy entry and exit.






Safe and Easy Entry into

and Exit from the Cab

A large handrail for easy opening/closing

of the door and a non-slip plate are

installed to permit the operator to get in

and out of the cab easily.

New non-slip plate

Easy Access to the Upper Structure

A large step and handrail, as well as a

non-slip place, minimize the effort

when climbing on and off the upper


ISO-compliant large handrail

Customer and Product Support

SUMITOMO'S total commitment to product and customer support has enabled it grow

into a world renowned manufacturer of hydraulic excavators. Supported by a global

sales and service network of over four hundred distributors representing hydraulic

excavators manufactured by SUMITOMO, the company supply 70% of total production

from Japan to all five continents.

A spread of over one thousand outlets offering excellent parts and service support has

global coverage ensuring SUMITOMO hydraulic excavator users have at their disposal

Regional Spare Parts Centers, technical repair shops and service vehicles carrying all

the necessary equipment to service and repair any hydraulic excavator manufactured


SUMITOMO aims to produce the right products to meet all work applications and at the

same time provide the highest level of more training and education to ensure complete

product support quality throughout the service network in the world.


Medium Hydraulic Excavator SH300-5
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    Engine and Hydraulics O Powerful ©Economy ©Clean O Silent ©Strong "SPACES" is a new engine system consisting of five (5)...
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    Engine and Hydraulics The integration of the new engine system "SPACE 5" and new hydraulic system "SIH:S" has created 15% fuel efficiency improvement...
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    Durability Boom & Arm 1. The boom structure is now 2 pieces instead of 3. 2. High strength castings are used for the boom base and arm end. 3....
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    Maintenance High-Performance Return Filter The hydraulic oil change interval is 5,000 hours, and the return filter change interval is 2,000...
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    Operator Comfort SUMITOMO'S Redesigned Cabin and Seat for Optimum Operator Comfort The seat reclining system allows the operator to lay...
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    Specifications SH300-5 Technical Data Engine Two variable displacement axial piston pumps, one gear pump for pilot controls and electronic-controlled...
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    Lifting Capacity Notes: 1. Ratings are based on SAE J/ISO 10567 2. Lifting capacity does not exceed 75% of tipping load with the machine on firm, level...
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    Lifting Capacity Notes: 1. Ratings are based on SAE J/ISO 10567 2. Lifting capacity does not exceed 75% of tipping load with the machine on firm, level...
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    Principle SpecificationsSH300-5o l l—' Ofjm>lllOdllUI lo Boom length6.15 mBaseArm length3.18 mBucket capacity (ISO heaped)1.10m3 Std....
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