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SH210-5/SH210LC-5 Hydraulic Excavator
I Engine Rated Power (Net): 117.3 kW 159.5 PS I Operating weight:
SH210-5 ................. 20,000-20,700 kg
SH210LC-5 .............. 20,400-21,200 kg
I Bucket: ISO/SAE/PCSA Heaped : 0.50-1.1 m3
731-1 Naganumahara-cho, Inage-ku.Chiba, 263-0001 Japan
For further information please contact: Phone : +81 -43-420-1796 Facsimile : +81 -43-420-1907
CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY We are constantly improving our products and therefore reserve the right to change designs and
J^JANUEACTURING CO LTD specifications without notice.Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories and may not
Cat. No. 0707GD25H.SH210-5.02-A Printed in Japan
Medium Hydraulic Excavator SH210-5 / SH210LC-5
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    MADE IN JAPAN The world knows that Japanese design and manufacturing is the best especially for industrial products. The hydraulic excavator is not...
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    Engine and Hydraulics O Powerful ©Economy ©Clean © Silent ©Strong "SPACE5" is a new engine system consisting of five...
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    Engine and Hydraulics The integration of the new engine system "SPACE 5" and new hydraulic system "SIH:S" has created 20% fuel efficiency improvement...
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    Durabilitya_j<Et il3-
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    Maintenance High-Performance Return Filter The hydraulic oil change interval is 5,000hours, and the return filter change interval is 2,000hours....
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