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INTRODUCTION A Modern and dynamic safety monitoring system Using our considerable expertise within the storage and bulk handling industry we have designed a complete system to ensure the safety and protection of your equipment and personnel. Innovation is a keyword in our design policy ensuring safety in your elevators and conveyors. Within this brochure you will discover a complete modern system dedicated to protect your bulk handling machinery at all times. The system can be accurately set to monitor, manage and analyse all defects, facts and report on productivity of your machines. This...

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JET SYTEM Control and configuration system Hazard Monitoring devices M-JET+ Hazard monitoring system with display M-JET Hazard monitoring system without display M-JET LINK Connection Box Safety Equipment - SensorJET VIGIBELT TOUCH Belt alignment detector VIGIBELT CDM 80 C Belt alignment detector VIGIMAT DNC 30 Level & choke sensor VIGIRO IP 26 Rotation under speed switch VIGIRO SV26 Rotation under speed switch VIGITHERM GST 100 Bearing temperature sensor

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Control and configuration system BUCKET ELEVATOR The world’s most advanced hazard monitoring system SPEED SWITCH Belt speed : Status Speed Bearings Cpt/Day TEMPERATURE Inactif Bucket elevator Temperature graph Alarm graph equipment reference Sensor Param. M-JET.COM Belt speed : BearING SeNSor 90 level aNd °C cHoke SeNSor Bearings temperature level Sensor Belt MisalignmentAlarm choke Sensor coNFIGuratIoN LEVEL & CHOKE SettING aNd Belt Misalignement ELEVATOR IS OFF pulley Speed ok Bearings temperature Start Pending ElEvator IS StoppIng Message de défaut xxxx xxx xx x xxx xx xxx x xxxx xxxxx...

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Control and configuration system Capabilities with the JET SYSTEM and an Internet or LAN connected computer : R emote monitoring up to 120 conveyors from the same display unit U nified viewing of data in real time G raphic display of historical data BUCKET ELEVATOR Equipment Reference V EL 01 Counter general: iewing of alarms A larm notification by sending email SPEED SWITCH S upport tools/ day : manage preventive maintenance to 4h Counter ELEVATOR IS RUNNING Equipment under control Belt speed : BELT ALIGNMENT Pulley Speed Ok Current Status: Status Speed Bearings Cpt/Day...

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HAZARD MONITORING DEVICES The hazard monitoring devices are able to monitor bucket elevators, belt conveyors, chain conveyors and screw conveyors. Our hazard monitoring system analyses the data sent by the sensors installed on equipment and save the eventual defects events. According to the setting, the M-JET+ or the M-JET sends alarms and commands the stopping of the conveyor. M-JET+ or M-JET monitors the following : ■ Under speed due to belt slip on the pulley. To check comparing with the nominal speed. ■ Bearing temperature using sensor PT100 or NTC. ■ Belt misalignment using sensors...

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Hazard monitoring device with display: M-i/ET DESIGN FEATURES : ■ Strong casing.    ■ Dustproof and waterproof casing. ■ Dashboard with LED indicator. ■ Work stand by the conveyor. ■ Running status indicator near the conveyor (and sound alarm). SENSORS SUPERVISED BY THE M-JET+ : ■ 2 belt speed sensors. ■ 2 chain elongation sensors. ■ 4 belt alignment sensors. ■ 2 follower shaft position sensors. ■ 2 choke and level sensors. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY : - 24 V DC 350 mA. -Option: 110-230V AC 150 mA. 5 bearing temperature sensors. ■ 3 analogic sensor. EN 61326 -1 CEM Electromagnetic compatibility. EN...

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CONNECTION BOXES CONNECTION DEVICES CONFIGURATION CONVEYOR LENGTH < 20 M M-JET Link (top) M-JET+ or M-JET (bottom) M-JET (top) M-JET+ or M-JET (bottom) M-JET LINK Sensors M-JET CAN Bus + Network BUCKET ELEVATOR SPEED SWITCH Equipment Reference Counter general: ELEVATOR IS RUNNING Equipment under control Belt speed : BELT ALIGNMENT Pulley Speed Ok BEARING Status Speed Bearings Cpt/Day TEMPERATURE Belt Misalignment Ok 2,4 m/s LEVEL AND CHOKE SENSOR 2,8 m/s Ok Inactif Bucket elevator equipment reference Sensor Elevator EL02 — Place STIF USA — 25 machSpeed 2018 15h31 SWItcH...

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Selection guide : Connection box Safety equipments M-JET LINK Vigibelt Touch Belt alignment detector by contact or Belt alignment detector without contact Level & choke sensor Hazard monitoring 2 M-JET M-JET+ Rotation under speed switch 3 5 Hazard monitoring without display Hazard monitoring with display Bearing temperature sensor

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VIGIBELTTOUCH®Belt alignment detector : ^atex (ii 2 d) ip67 t80°c DETECTION Integrated inductive detector Activated by physical belt contact with the sensor INSTALLATION ■ Installed outside the elevator leg per PAIR (Supplied with gasket and bolts) ■Casing opening of 055mm on the rising leg ■ Bolt center to center: 51x51 mm ■ Bolt0: M6 STANDARDS Eligible for the standard 2014/34/UE EN/IEC 60079-0 EN/IEC 60079-31 EN 60947-5-2 + A1 IP6X-IEC 60529 The VIGIBELT TOUCH devices can be connected directly to a central control area or to the hazard monitor M-JET+

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VIGIBELTCDM80CBelt alignment detector : ^atex (ii 2 d) ip67 t 80°c VIGILEX Activated without belt contact, by inductive detector and metal bucket or target DETECTION ■ Detection distance of: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 36 mm ■ On request, detection distance can be preset at factory INSTALLATION ■ INSTALLED OUTSIDE THE ELEVATOR LEG PER PAIR (Supplied with gasket and bolts) ■ SQUARE OPENING OF 110 mm ON THE RISING LEG Steel target installed in place of a plastic elevator bucket STANDARDS Eligible for the standard 2014/34/UE EN/IEC 60079-0 / EN/IEC 60079-31 EN 60947-5-2 + A1 / IP6X-IEC 60529 The...

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Belt alignment detector : Integrated inductive detector Detection distance of : 15/20/25/30/36mm On request, detection distance can be preset at factory I nstalled outside the elevator leg per PAIR (Supplied with gasket and bolts) S quare opening of ø110 mm on the rising leg Activated without belt contact, by inductive detector and metal bucket or target Configuration : Steel target installed in place of a plastic elevator bucket Calibration element (Remove before operation) STANDARDS Eligible for the standard 2014/34/UE  EN/IEC 60079-0  EN/IEC 60079-31 Detection distance of...

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