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Professional Grade High Force Hydraulic Products, Systems and Tools - 123 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

World Headquarters The Americas Customer Service Center 5885 11th Street Rockford, Illinois 61109 Tel: 815-874-5556 Customer Service/Order Entry Tel: 800-541-1418 FAX: 800-288-7031 European Customer Service Center Albert Thijsstraat 12 6471 WX Eygelshoven The Netherlands Tel: 31 (45) 5678877 Fax: 31 (45) 5678878 E-mail: Asia Pacific Customer Service Center 7 Gul Circle Singapore 629563 Singapore Tel: (65) 6265 3343 Fax: (65) 6265 6646 E-mail: China Customer Service Center No. 1568 Hua Shan Road International Park Center 9th Floor Shanghai 200052, China Tel: 86 (21) 2208-5888 Fax: 86 (21) 2208-5682 E-mail: PT503M Hydraulic Pumps - Cylinders - Jacks - Pullers - Tools Technical Services Tel: 800-477-8326 FAX: 800-765-8326 E-mail: • Hydraulic Work Holding • Clamps • Cylinders • Work Supports • Directional Valves • Hydraulic Power Units • Piston Air Motors • Mechanical Braking • Control Valves • Gearboxes Distributed by: © SPX Corporation WWW.POWE RTEAM.COM PT503M-v2 PT503M FU LL LI N E CATALOG • DC Power Units • AC Power Units • Motor Pump Assemblies • Gear Pumps Professional Grade High Force Hydraulic Products, Systems and Tools

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PE R FOR MANCE • I NTEG R ITY • COM M ITM E NT • SOLUTION S s lution urce o o o b a l S l u i d P o w e r S Power l Wind Yo u r G d i n g F Power Team hydraulic pumps, bolting an products and accessories offer onsite solutions to enable assembly r Dem fo of large wind turbines. Growth in renewable energy requires increasing infrastructure among local, regional and global communities. Power Team high performance, hydraulic tools help make this possible. ologies ulic Techn SPX Hydra l source for high ba ulic is your glo raulic tools, hydra , hyd pneupressure dial piston its and ra pplication of...

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Selection Torque & Cable Step 1 Select the hydraulic cylinder that best suits the application. See page 7, 12-13. Step 2 Select the hydraulic pump, with valve option, that best matches the Choosing The Right Cylinder Choosing the Right Tool cylinder and application. See pages 6, 48-57. Step 3 Select the hydraulic accessories you need. Considerations: 1. hat push or pull tonnage is W required per cylinder in your application? (Rule of thumb; Always choose a cylinder with a tonnage rating of 20% or more than what is required to lift the load.) 2. hat is the push or pull stroke W length required?...

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Hydraulic These are just a few basic systems possible with Power Team hydraulic components. Countless applications are possible: In presses, for lifting or jacking applications or in production or maintenance setups. The pump shown is a typical electric/hydraulic unit. Electric, air or gas driven pumps are available. Circuits Pumps, Cylinders, Controls 1 Single-acting cylinder or cylinders in the circuit, controlled by a pump mounted valve. Basic single-acting system with a hand pump, gauge, hose and single-acting cylinder. 1 11 cylinders in the 2 Double-acting cylinder or mounted valve. circuit,...

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SUPERIOR FEATURES OF POWER TEAM HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS: manufacturing facility. All Power Team cylinders are date-coded. Maximum pressure rating and cylinder. All cylinders comply standard and are proof tested leaving our factory. Cylinder bores are roller burnished to harden the surface and make it smoother, increasing seal life by 30%. Base mounting holes withstand full capacity of the cylinder. Typical cylinder burst pressures range from with gland nuts may be "dead- tested by certified assemblers. Eddy current and mag particle inspection detects flaws in the steel. Cylinder bodies are solid steel,...

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Threaded End cylinders CBT Series C2514CBT • hreaded cylinder collars, piston T rod ends, and internal base threads simplify mounting. • 9796 3/8” NPTF female half A coupler is standard with each cylinder; oil port threads are 3/8” NPTF. 5-25 TONS Single Acting, Spring-Return ALUMINUM • Half the weight of steel cylinders. • Aluminum body resists sparking in explosive environments. • Hard coated aluminum piston rod and cylinder bore resist wear and corrosion. • Grooved piston top helps keep the load from sliding on top of piston. • Designed for jacking and other non- ­ roduction operations. p C55CBT...

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election Chart - Choose the right cylinder Retracted Base SA and DA Stroke Height Type Mount. Colla Tons action mm. mm. of return Duty hole Thread Retracted Base SA and DA Stroke Height Type Mount. Colla Tons action mm. mm. of return Duty hole Thread POWER TEAM Retracted Base SA and DA Stroke Height Type Mount. Colli Tons action mm. mm. of return Duty hole Thre; Retracted Base SA and DA Stroke Height Type Mount. Colla Ions action mm. mm. of return Duty hole Threai Single Action mi, Spring Return Double Action 4 Hydraulic Return

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Low profile Shorty Cylinders RLS Series Cylinders RSS Series 5-150 Ton Single-Acting, Spring-Return Cylind e rs Cyl i nd ers Ideal for confined areas from 41 to 101,6 mm clearance. 10-250 Ton Single-Acting, SpringReturn & Double-Acting • Power Tech plated piston rods and gland nuts resist scoring and corrosion. • Heavy duty return spring (except for double-acting models) provides fast piston return & low collapsed height. • Coupler on 10 thru 50 ton models is angled upward 5° for added clearance. • Grooved piston top keeps load from sliding. • Cylinders can be “dead-ended” at full capacity. •...

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Pulling Center Hole Cylinders RP Series Cylinders RT Series 171/2-100 Ton • proven design; used throughout A industry for over 40 years. • ylinders withstand full C “dead-end” loads. • ompact design; ideal for applications in C which space is ­imited. l • asic head can be changed from a B tapped hole to plain hole by simply changing insert. (See page 41) • istons have “Power Tech” ­ reatment P t for corrosion and abrasion ­ esistance. r Single- Acting, SpringReturn & Double-Acting Ideal for pulling and pressing. Designed for pulling and ­tensioning.     Cyl i nd ers Dimensions for reference only....

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