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High Power Direct Diode Modules 60 – 400W CW/M - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts ©2009 SPI Lasers UK Ltd SM-S00137 Issue A1 PRELIM SPI Lasers UK Ltd, 3 Wellington Park, Tollbar Way, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 2QU, UK UK office: +44 (0)1489 779 696 SPI Lasers LLC, 1700 Wyatt Drive, Suite 1, Santa Clara, CA 95054 US office: +1 408 884 3090 High Power Direct Diode Modules 60 – 400W CW/M PRELIMINARY Features Benefits Applications „h Highest brightness source available „h 60W in 105um 0.15 NA Optical fiber „h 400W in 350um 0.15 NA Optical fiber „h 100kHz Modulation „h Passive Water or air cooling „h High quality LLK-A fiber connector „h High reliability „h RoHS Compliant „h OEM Integrator product „h High power / size ratio „h High efficiency „h Low maintenance „h Low cost of ownership „h Long lifetime „h Superior beam quality „h Easy Integration „h Thermal protection „h Materials processing „h Plastics Welding „h Soldering „h Pump source for fiber/disc lasers „h Marking/engraving „h Sintering „h Printing „h Medical/Dermatology/dental „h Therapeutic „h Veterinary „h Scientific SPI Lasers redPOWER DIRECT High Power Direct Diode OEM laser modules are compact modules delivering class leading brightness and beam quality and have been designed to meet the highest standards of reliability, repeatability and parametric performance. The wide range of output powers from 60W to 400W and choice of air or water cooling provides a highly versatile laser and cost effective source for OEM integration, and is designed for industrial laser applications as a pump source for fiber or solid state lasers or as a high reliability fiber coupled beam source for a wide range of material processing, scientific or medical applications The commercial advantages of direct diode lasers over alternative technologies are far reaching: improved process capability, reduced downtime and lower cost of ownership, giving users a leading edge advantage. As a result, SPI’s redPOWER DIRECT diode lasers are finding new applications in markets such as medical, electronics, plastics and printing. Significant design features include a highly compact design for straightforward integration with 24Vdc supply, standard control and monitoring interfaces and widely compatible optical delivery interface. Every care has been taken at the design stage to ensure our products offer a long and maintenance-free life. Designed as a Product For Incorporation in accordance with IEC/EN 61000 EMC, RoHS Directive compliant.

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©2009 SPI Lasers UK, Ltd. Commercial in Confidence SM-S00137 Issue A1 PRELIMINARY 2 of 6 System Specifications- PRELIMINARY Notes : (1) Water cooled output power derating -4%/°C above 20° C / Air cooled output power derating -2.9%/°C above 25° C (2) Consult SPI for availability Optical Rated output power (1) 60W 100W 200W 400W Central emission wavelength @ 25°C, rated output power 968 ± 5nm Mode of operation CW and Modulated Polarization Random Pulse Characteristics Maximum modulation rate 100kHz Risetime <5us Output Beam Characteristics Output fiber NA / Effective NA (Typical/Max) 0.22 / 0.12...

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©2009 SPI Lasers UK, Ltd. Commercial in Confidence SM-S00137 Issue A1 PRELIMINARY 3 of 6 Mechanical Specifications 60W Aircooled / 60-100W Watercooled Variants Note : Aircooled variant shown. Watercooled variants have same dimensions. Dimensions in mm Value Parameter mm in Depth 379 14.9 Width 251 9.9 Height (4U) 177.8 7 100WAircooled / 200W to 400W Watercooled Variants Note: Watercooled variant shown. 100W aircooled variant has same dimensions. Value Parameter mm in Depth 379 14.9 Width 483 19 Height (4U) 177.8 7

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©2009 SPI Lasers UK, Ltd. Commercial in Confidence SM-S00137 Issue A1 PRELIMINARY 4 of 6 Dimensions in mm Beam Delivery Specifications – LLK-A Connector Dimensions in mm Mechanical Specifications Optical Specifications Parameter Units Value Fibre Eccentricity ƒÝm ±10 Concentricity mrad 8 Parameter Units Value Clamping Length (Heatsinking) mm 45 Diameter mm 10 +0,02/-0 Cable Diameter mm 10+/-0,2 Cable Sheath Material - PVC Cable Length m 5 Minimum Bend Radius mm 200 Minimum Coil Length1 m 1.26 1 The minimum length of each turn of a coil of fiber when routed for handling and storage, whilst observing...

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©2009 SPI Lasers UK, Ltd. Commercial in Confidence SM-S00137 Issue A1 PRELIMINARY 5 of 6 Compliance Specifications EMC Immunity IEC /EN 61000-6-2 EMC- Emissions IEC /EN 61000-6-4 Safety of Machinery IEC EN ISO 13850, 2007-03 / IEC EN ISO 13849-1, 2007-07 Environment IEC721-3-3 (EN60721-3-3 RoHS Compliance YES Laser Safety ( Note 1,2 ) Pollution Degree 3 Note 1 SPI Products are classified as Components for Incorporation Compliance with the IEC/EN 60825-1 is the responsibility of the system integrator , in particular 8.5. Laser Emission Warning • Laser emission warning indicators must be located...

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©2009 SPI Lasers UK, Ltd. Commercial in Confidence SM-S00137 Issue A1 PRELIMINARY 6 of 6 Order Codes Power ( Watts ) Product Type Cooling Connector Type Delivery cable Length Wavelength Analog Interface Targeting laser Customization SP- 60 - D - A - S - 5 - A - A - A - 000 100 W B B B 200 C 400 D Key:- D: Direct Diode Laser A: Air S: Standard LLK-A 5: Standard 5m A: Standard 968 nm A :Standard 0-10V dc A: Standard Not included 000: Standard W: Water B: 911 nm C:938 nm D:998 nm B : 0-20mA B: Included XXX: SPI Use Note:- Not all optional combinations are available on all products – consult SPI before...

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