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Catalogue excerpts

You Can Measure the Solid Applied Technologies GaugerGSM 2010 The level sensor with cellular capabilities Available for the past 10

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State]of]the art electronics GSM Modem Inside USB SIM IO You Can Measure

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Advanced cellular communications Control Center Remote SMS PC Applications • SMS Management Center • Log & Forward • Firmware upgrade utility

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R t M it i A li ti You Can Measure the Remote Monitoring Applications • Inventory • Theft • Refueling Fuel tank management River flood Wastewater alerts and water tank level control monitoring

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Rain event Mornings Underground wastewater overflow monitoring Self contained system – no digging Battery powered – one to three years of operation Pinpointing crews to crisis area at real time No contact with waste – no moving parts – low maintenance You Can Measure the Benefits… g p

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Sludge monitoring IP 68 – 180cm under water for 48 24/7 monitoring Flexible alerts Configuration via USB

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Specifications You Can Measure the Range ]0.15 Accuracy ]1.5 Display & SMS resolution ]1 mm Process tracking ] 10m/ DC Power ] 8 USB port ]Setup ] Monitoring ] Firmware Cellular modem ] Quad SMS information ] Level, ] Volume, ] Alerts Temperature ] ]30C Temperature sensor ] Internal ] Self

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Innovative user friendly setup Measurement Screen Contrast Setup T dB Advanced Basic setup setup Algorithm Block distance Distance Units Device state Set factory defaults GSM Destination Application FAR phone Block Empty level distance Near Operating hours GSM reports GSM pp Filling rate Temperature units Full level Value to display reports cont Navigation Temperature sensor False echo scan Execution

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Benefits You Can Measure the Level sensors ] • Non contact sensors – increasing reliability and reducing maintenance • Field configurable to different tank shapes and dimensions • Designed for harsh outdoor applications • False echo extraction and internal temperature compensation • A SolidAT product – The experts in level measurement Communications ] • Local SIM cards and choice of any cellular operator partner • Data is owned by the user ] no on]going fees • Field configurable for alerts and target cell]phone. • Alerts and management software may be tailored per project

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On line user manuals, application notes, video clips and more at … You Can Measure the

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