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Catalogue excerpts

CASE STUDY REMOTE SEWER MONITORING Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. info( 40, Hutzot Hayotzer St, Ashkelon 78170, Israel

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This case study presents Solid Applied Technologies (SolidAT) solution for remote sewer level monitoring system. SolidAT solution is based on two-components: GaugerGSM and GaugerNET. • GaugerGSM - non-contact ultrasonic level sensor integrated with GSM cellular communication modem which is installed in each sewer. • GaugerNET - a web monitoring server presenting graphs, charts, maps and alerts for each SolidAT also offers Sensor Listener for parties having their own monitoring software. Sensor Listener is a part of GaugerNET that receives data from fielded sensors and logs the data into MySQL...

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Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. 40, Hutzot Hayotzer St, Ashkelon 78170, Israel

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Solid Applied Technologies Ltd (SolidAT) is an Israeli manufacturer and developer of advanced ultrasonic level meters and remote level monitoring solutions. The company is operating in this field for more than ten years. SolidAT is selling its products worldwide through a chain of distributors, system integrators and partners. SolidAT partners benefit from private labeling, OEM products and part kits for self-assembly. SolidAT operates a 1,000 SQM manufacturing plant incorporating assembly lines, quality assurance facilities, warehouse and ultrasonic testing areas. Testing facilities include three...

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GaugerGSM is an integrated ultrasonic level sensor with GSM cellular modem. GaugerGSM communication highlights: • Periodic reports and immediate alerts for special events. • Reports of Distance, Level, Temperature, Input voltage, GSM signal strength. • Data is transmitted by SMS or GPRS and integrated with GaugerNET or third party SCADA. GaugerGSM is a robust sensor benefiting from its core ultrasonic technology: • Measurement range is up to 8m (26') and extremely short dead-zone of 15cm (6"). • Non-contact measurement and no moving parts exhibiting minimal maintenance. • Sensor is coated PVDF,...

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2.1 GAUGER GSM - Operation in explosive atmospheres GaugerGSM is available in ATEX and lECEx approved models certified for use in explosive atmospheres. The following are just some of the highlights under this topic: • External battery pack and power switch are also certified. • The complete system is certified as a whole: GaugerGSM with battery pack, power switch and internal/external antenna. Note that individually certified components do not establish a complete certified system and should be avoided. • System is certified Intrinsic Safe and approved for operation with a SIM card which does...

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2.3 GAUGER GSM - Installation photos Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. 40, Hutzot Hayotzer St, Ashkelon 78170, Israel

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GaugerNET is a web monitoring server incorporating two main tasks: • Listening to messages from fielded GaugerGSM sensors (Sensor Listener) • Presenting field data to authorized users (Web Monitor) Users can monitor their sites anywhere and anytime using any standard web browser. Browsing can be initiated from a desktop, laptop or even smartphone while on the move. Activity can be tracked up-to-the-minute for each individual site. Overall project performance and statistics can Graphic charts are available for sewer level, temperature, GSM signal strength at the site, power input and site status....

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3.1 SENSOR LISTENER and MySQL Database interface Sensor listener is a PHP based application running on Linux server. The application listens to fielded GaugerGSM sensors and logs sensor data into a MySQL database. Sensors may be grouped in sectors (e.g. all sensors in one neighborhood are a sector) and sensors from each sector are stored in a unique sector table. Each entry in the table represents one sensor • Measured DISTANCE to target • Calculated LEVEL • Calculated FLOW as applicable • Measured Temperature • Measured RSSI (cellular signal strength) • Measured battery voltage • Status indication Database...

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Typical level details and trends are illustrated in the following chart. Installation in this site is about 1.50 meters above the sewer line and reporting interval of 4 hours. Daily variances of 5 - 10 cm on a typical M-shaped curve are observed. The daily M-shape curve designates high sewer usage at mornings and evenings. Weekly trends are also observed, characterized by increased usage on Fridays (June 29, July 6 and July 13) as typical for this part of the world. On longer runs, gradual increase in minima indicates local sediment whereas rapid increase in maxima indicates blockage downstream. This...

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The next chart presents battery voltage level. A 10% decrease from 14VDC to about 12.5VDC indicates the need for battery replacement and preventive maintenance. Depending on reporting rate and strength of cellular coverage, lifetime of a 4-cell pack is about 1-2 years. Applications may use this data for automated maintenance alerts. The next chart presents RSSI (cellular received signal strength) which can vary between 2 and 32 (low to high). RSSI at urban areas is not constant but varies with the time of day and is affected by events occurring nearby the sewer manhole. RSSI level of 8 or below...

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The next chart presents temperature monitored inside the sewer. Sewers are usually well isolated and exhibit small temperature variations. In the figure below fast variation is about +/- 1°C and gradual increase in temperature is seasonal (first half of July 2012). An important distinction can be observed in industrial parks where industrial plants deposit wastewater at high temperature that may, or may not, be regulated. G_074 - Beer-Sheva (Zahal Blvd.) Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. 40, Hutzot Hayotzer St, Ashkelon 78170, Israel

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4. SOUDAT PROPOSAL STRUCTURE Solid Applied Technologies offers complete field site hardware and a software interface for third party monitoring software or web monitoring service. List of available items: Not included are consumables (SIM cards loaded with SMS/GPRS and batteries) and special installation accessories per site. SolidATdoes not provide installation and maintenance services. Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. 40, Hutzot Hayotzer St, Ashkelon 78170, Israel

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