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TesTing and elecTronics
Circuit Testers
Specialty Circuit Testers
CTS42V Circuit Tester (Blue-Point®).
• Quickly finds broken wires, blown fuses, bad switches and more
• Microprocessor controlled current loading capability for tests of
powers and grounds
• Unit features all the advantages of an incandescent test light while
being computer and air bag safe
• Super bright LED headlamp for working under dash, under hood or
behind door panels
• Dual audible tone and bicolor LED indicate power, ground or open
• 42 V
CTN10001 Circuit Tester.
• Cordless unit with no ground wire to deal with
• Red LED indicator and audio signal to verify power
• Computer and air bag safe
• 3 to 24 V DC range
• Convenient rack to hold circuit testers, DMM lead sets, amp clamps,
temperature probes and other accessories for multimeters
• Can be mounted to wall with screws or placed on rollcab with
magnetic block
Dynamic Test Leads
EECT180 LOADpro® Dynamic Test
LOADpro finds these problems fast:
• High corrosive resistance
• Shorts to ground
• Open circuits
• LOADpro applies 40 mA/V dynamic load
with each load test
• Works with any DMM with standard
banana plugs
• Test leads are 60" in length
• Alligator clips included
• For use on circuits up to 28.5 V
• Do not use on computer ECM input circuits
• LOADpro Dynamic Test Leads work with
any DMM
YA11167 OBD-II Breakout Box (Blue-Point).
• Provides easy access to all 16 OBD-II terminals and connection
to scan tool
• Eliminates guessing which terminals are being probed
• Eliminates damage to vehicle terminals from probing
• Tester probes plug in securely so you are free to diagnose
• No more crawling under the dash
• © reat for diagnosing inoperative communication links
• LOADpro performs a voltage drop test
with press of a button
• Steady pin probe tips - small recess
allows probe to sit on connector pin
• This simple test finds hidden problems,
like corroded wire/connections, bad grounds
• Reading loaded voltage is the difference that
helps prevent parts swapping episodes and
cut wires
• Pressing the switch applies a load of 40 mA
per volt across the circuit
(example: 40 mA x 12 V = .48 A of load)
• Start doing voltage drop tests now
• Related item ESI182 trouble shooting
guide (available through RWD)
• Automotive, Heavy duty, Marine, RV
and equipment
Data Bus Fault Finder
EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder.
• Modern vehicles have 15 to 20 computers talking to each other on
shared circuits that can fail
• Technicians can waste hours searching for a serial data circuit
failure or use this product
• The "go to" tool to diagnose scan tool communication failures
• User controlled elimination of modules to isolate defects and find
failure location
• Eliminate rogue/defective modules that lock up data bus via
12 switchable data circuits
• LED indicators that light amber for short to ground and red for
short to power, plus a self test upon powering on
• 12 standard banana jacks for DMM probing
• Communicates via Data Bus Network Connector
• U.S. Patent 7,664,579
• 2 year warranty
EEFF500-1 GM Star Cable.
• © M Star Cable for EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder
EEFF500-2 GM Double Stack Cable.
• © M Double Stack Cable for EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder
EEFF500-3 Breakout/Pigtail Cable.
• Breakout/Pigtail Cable for EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder
EEFF500-4 DC Power Cord.
• Power Cord for EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder
EEFF500-PB Storage Case.
• Storage Case for EEFF500 Data Bus Fault Finder
• Do not use in environment with explosive vapor
• Read safety precautions on pages W1 to W4

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