High precision long stroke sealed power chucks Ø 215 - 400 mm APL-C Long Stroke Tongue & groove - 2 Pages

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260-A6 indirect mounting Direct mounting ISO-A Subject to technical changes APL-C 215APL-C 260APL-C 315APL-C 400Z170A6Z220A6A8Z220A8Z300A11 A mm216262315390 B > F /B > A H6 mm170106.375220106.375139.719220139.719300196.869 C mm133.4171.4171.4171.4235 C > a mm133.4 D mm13.51713.5171721 E mm42484875 F > 2 mmM32 x 1.5M38 x 1.5M38 x 1.5M60 x 1.5 G H8 mm33393961 H > F /H > A mm819392111106101115112127 K mm20252548 L mm32383854 M mmM22 x 1.5M28 x 1.5M28 x 1.5M52 x 1.5 N H9 mm24343460 Q mm5.55.55.59 Chuck openRadial jaw stroke R > 1 mm108131157.5195max. R mm7288105133.5 max./min. S mm26/428/434/437/4...

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