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Skiffy catalogue 62 English

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SERIES 344 SERIES 345 SERIES 346/347 >

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Cylindrical spacer p24Hexagonal female/female spacer p27 Hexagonal spacer p28 Hexagonal male/female spacer p30 > PCB bracket p32 Locking PCB spacer p34 Screw & locking PCB spacer p35 Screw fastened PCB spacer p36 Domed PCB spacer p37 Adhesive PCB spacer p38 Snapfit PCB spacer p39 Male/female PCB spacer p40 Pre-mounting foot p41 PCB rail p42 >

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301205059934 M2,55,0052,52,5301208059934 M2,55,00844301210059934 M2,55,01055301212059934 M2,55,01266301215059934 M2,55,0157,57,5301220059934 M2,55,02088301225059934 M2,55,02588301308059934 M35844301310059934 M351055301312059934 M351266301315059934 M35157.57.5301320059934 M35201010301325059934 M352512.512.5301408059934 M47844301410059934 M471055301412059934 M471266301415059934 M47157.57.5301420059934 M47201010301425059934 M472512.512.5301510059934 M581055301512059934 M581266301515059934 M58157,57,5301520059934 M58201010301525059934 M58251010See rear of catalogue for more material...

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Flange slide bearing p45Slide bearing p49 >

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BEARINGS FITTING INSTRUCTIONS expands a little. catalogue. its housing. water, even from air. This is necessary for its proper resilience and strength, and in doing so its The Skiffy bearings are made to conform to DIN h6-H7 fi tting. This means that the diameter of the hole into which the bearing is fi tted is the same or larger than the stated size, and the spindle diameter is smaller than or the same as the stated bearing diameter. With this fi tting, the bearing should sit fi rmly in the bearing housing, while there should be a little play between the bearing and spindle. After all, the...

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Screwp58Slotted screw p60 Countersunk screw p62 Slotted round head screwp64 Crossed screw p65 Polycarbonate screw p67 Pozidrive screw p69 Socked head screw p70 Hexagon bolt p72 Wing screw p74 Knurkled screw/nut p76 Grip screw/nut p77 Book screw p78 Set screw p80 Threaded rod p81 > Nut cap p82Polycarbonate nut p84 Wing nutp85Knurled nut p86 Drive in plug p88 Steel plate nut p89 > Washerp90Saddle washer p93 Finishing washer p94 Locking ring p100 > Push rivet p104 Drive rivet p106 Screw rivet p112 Clinch rivet p113 Tree clipp117Snap rivet p121 >

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Made from Nylon 6.6 (PA66)? Colour: natural? Also available as self locking (F2)? > Dimensions Examples of use Dimensions in mmPrices in Euro per unit > Article numberColourABCDEFPricePerPricePerPricePer 511 0005 000 02NaturalM35,53,27F1511 0010 000 02NaturalM474,19,4F1511 0015 000 02NaturalM585,111F1511 0020 000 02NaturalM610613F1511 0025 000 02NaturalM813817F1511 0030 000 02NaturalM10169,522F1511 0035 000 02NaturalM1218,714,428F1511 0040 000 02NaturalM1623,715,836F1511 0045 000 02NaturalM364,76,9F2511 0050 000 02NaturalM475,58,3F2511 0055 000 02NaturalM586,59,5F2511 0060 000...

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CAPS & PLUGS 127 Caps & Plugs Nut cap p128Decorative nut cap p130Cover cap p131Hexagon Cover Cap p133Torx cap p137Snapfit plug p138 Decorative plug p139 Cover plug p141 Protection plug p143 Protection cap p145 Sheet cover cap p148 Panel plug p150 Grease nipple cap p151 Pipe plugp152 C r tnrs t bac ts ctlou! >

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Square gloss cap p164 Furniture ferrule p165 Tapered ferrule p166 Round ferrule p167 Tube plug p168 Thread protector p169 Square ribbed insert p170 Rectangular ribbed insert p172 Round ribbed insert p176 Oval ribbed insert p179 Stand off foot p180 Adjustable foot p181 Ribbed insert p182 Multi way tube connector p183 Adjustable foot p184 Tube connector p186 Furniture saddle foot p187 > Insert foot p188Glass foot p190 Insert foot p191 Door buffer p192 Round adhesive buffer p193 Squared adhesive buffer p194 > Knurled knob p195 Front plate knob p198 Grip screw p199 Hand wheel p200 Ball knob...

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105061569901 M61530164F1105062069901 M62030164F1105063069901 M63030164F1105064069901 M64030164F1105065069901 M65030164F1105082069901 M820402010F1105083069901 M830402010F1105084069901 M840402010F1105085069901 M850402010F1105086069901 M860402010F1105102069901 M1020502010F1105103069901 M1030502010F1105104069901 M1040502010F1105105069901 M1050502010F1105106069901 M1060502010F1106063069901 M6930164F2106084069901 M812402010F2106105069901 M1012502010F2See rear of catalogue for more material information? All prices are gross, for discounts see our payment conditions on the last page of this...

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Snapfit bushing p211Grommet sleeve p213 Quick bushing p214 Bushingp216Grommet p220 Stepped grommet p221 Strain relief clip p222 Cable gland p223 Lock nutp225Cable gland cover p226 > Cable clip p227 Flat cable clip p229 Insert bundle clip p230 Bundle clip p233 P-clipp236Cable strap p237 Releasable cable strap p238 Label strap p239 Cable strap mount p241 Snap in clamp p244 Cable organizer p245 >

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159600769902 PG783.5613159600969902 PG 98.14816159601169902 PG118.251019159601369902 PG138.961221159601669902 PG1613101423159602169902 PG2110.8131829159602969902 PG2910.9182537159603669902 PG3614.4223248159604269902 PG4214.6303854159604869902 PG4815.8344460159701269902 M127.936.513F1159701669902 M1614.851017F1159702069902 M2012.8101421F1159702569902 M2514.5131826F1159703269902 M3214.7182533F1159704069902 M4018223241F1159705069902 M5017.3303851F1159706369902 M6318.4344464F1159706469902 M6325.4344464F1See rear of catalogue for more material information? All prices are gross, for discounts see...

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126000761316 PG 7513F1126000761317 PG 7513F1126000961316 PG 9516F1126000961317 PG 9516F1126001161316 PG11519F1126001161317 PG11519F1126001361316 PG13621F1126001361317 PG13621F1126001661316 PG16623F1126001661317 PG16623F1126002161316 PG21729F1126002161317 PG21729F1126002961316 PG29740F1126002961317 PG29740F1126501261316 M12513F2126501661316 M16517F2126502061316 M206.221F2126502561316 M256.426F2126503261316 M32733F2See rear of catalogue for more material information? All prices are gross, for discounts see our payment conditions on the last page of this catalogue? > All prices are indicative....

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