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Improvement proposal

Once a complete diagnosis has been established and
improvement opportunities have been identified,
the third step is to create specific activities that can be
undertaken to improve your lubrication programme.
SKF can assist you in this process by providing tailormade proposals in meeting your pre-defined goals.
Typical proposals might include but are not limited to:
• Lubricants selection and consolidation
• Lubrication routines design: Tasks, inspections,
lubrication cards
• Storage room design
• Colour coding implementation: Tools and
lubrication points

• Oil analysis programme design
• Contamination control programme
• Standard procedures generation
• Training
• Centralised lubrication systems
• Operator driven reliability programme
• CMMS data population: asset register, bill
of materials, standardised job plans, etc.
• Outsourcing through performance-based
service and supply agreements (SKF integrated
maintenance solutions)

Design and implementation

The fourth step is to design and implement an action
plan. SKF can support you in the implementation
phase of the action plan by providing varied services
ranging from consultancy to guiding the actual
execution of a given activity.
Additional support is provided by means of
virtual tools
• SKF @ptitude Exchange:
SKF’s knowledge source for asset maintenance
and reliability expertise.
• SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute (RMI) Online:
e-learning courses.

• SKF LubeSelect and SKF LubeSelect for SKF greases:
These services allow you to access a knowledge base
to help in the selection of an appropriate lubricant in a
particular application. You can select a lubricant based
on application conditions or application profiles.
• SKF DialSet:
After selecting the criteria and grease appropriate
for your application, the programme provides you
with the correct settings for your SKF Automatic
Lubricators. It also provides a quick and simple tool
for relubrication intervals and quantity calculations.
• SKF Lubrication Planner:
Developed to help in the administration of a
lubrication plan, thereby bridging the gap between
the need for a software platform vs. administration
by a simple spreadsheet.



The fifth step concerns the evolution of the
programme which is measured through the use
of key performance indicators. It is important to
determine any required adjustments and periodic
reassessments which will provide insights into the
overall evolution of the programme.

In most cases, required improvements cannot be
implemented all at once which creates a pipeline for
future projects and activities.

SKF Lubrication Management
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